Rozanski vs Okolie Prediction: A Certain Knockout



Rozanski vs Okolie Prediction: A Certain Knockout

One of the best boxing bouts that you may not have heard about is taking place in Poland this weekend — but this Rozanski vs Okolie prediction will have you excited to tune in for it. 

Two European foes with a combined 34-1 professional record will be facing off for the WBC World Bridgerweight title. And with the stopping power that both men possess, our Lukasz Rozanski vs Lawrence Okolie prediction is that one of these guys will likely be getting knocked out.

Rozanski vs Okolie Prediction: Is The Favorite In Danger?

Lukasz Rozanski Preview

Lukasz Rozanski — a Polish boxer with an undefeated 15-0 professional record, which includes 14 KO victories — got a late start to his professional boxing career. 

At 38 years old, it's surprising that Rozanski only has 15 professional fights under his belt. Although that doesn't take away from the fact that Rozanski has looked supremely impressive in those bouts. 

The first thing to notice when watching Rozanski fight is the power that he has in both hands. His 93% knockout percentage confirms that this man always enters the ring looking to separate his opponent from consciousness, and is usually successful in doing so. 

But power isn't the only skillset that Rozanski possesses. He has also shown solid defense across his career, utilizing swift footwork to navigate himself out of his opponents range before any damaging shots land. 

And our Rozanski vs Okolie prediction is that Rozanski will need to have this same defensive footwork throughout the fight if he doesn't want to end up like most of Okolie's other opponents. 

Lawrence Okolie Preview

Lawrence “The Sauce” Okolie — and English boxer with a 19-1 professional record, which includes 14 KO victories — is coming off a devastating loss against Chris Billam-Smith back in May 2023, which was the first defeat Okolie has suffered in his professional career. 

Okolie had seemed indestructible prior to that fight. Which is why is was so stunning to see him get knocked down three times, and ultimately lose. 

Although our Lukasz Rozanski vs Lawrence Okolie prediction is that this WBC world title fight won't play out the same way. 

While Rozanski might have the power advantage over Okolie, we fully expect “The Sauce” to have a distinct speed advantage over his 38 year old opponent. This should give Okolie the upper hand, and could make for an exciting scene on Friday.

Our Rozanski vs Okolie Prediction: A KO Win For Okolie

Our official Rozanski vs Okolie prediction is that Okolie will win by knockout

We think that the seven year age differential between Rozanski and Okolie is going to play a major factro in this fight. While Rozanski hasn't had his chin tested like Okolie has, everybody's ability to take a punch declines as they age.

For that reason, we think taking Okolie to win by KO — which is currently available at -180 — is a great bet. 

Although is Rozanski is going to win, it will almost certainly be with a KO. So we would also suggest taking a look at the fight to not go the distance, which is available at -500

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