RINGSIDE REPORT: Devin Haney Scores W on ShoBox



RINGSIDE REPORT: Devin Haney Scores W on ShoBox



For those that don’t know, ShoBox “The New Generation” is a breeding ground for young, up and coming fighters looking to be “next.”

ShoBox on Friday featured bouts held at the Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, California, which were promoted by Devin Haney Promotions, recently licensed in the state of California.

In the main event, Devin Haney (19-0) faced Juan Carlos Burgos (33-2) out of Tijuana, Mexico whose only two losses came in world title fights with Hozumi Hasegawa and Mikey Garcia.

Main Event: Devin Haney vs Juan Carlos Burgos

Devin Haney seemed to have been a little nervous in the first two rounds as he was only landing one punch at a time and not really making much of a fight. On the other hand, Burgos was landing good body shots but it didn’t seem to phase the young Haney. In the third, that’s when Haney started to open up on Burgos as he set his sights on the speed knot that developed on the left eye of his opponent. In the fourth, Haney landed a nice combo that stunned Burgos and almost led to the end of the fight. The tough Burgos weathered the storm to finish the round but was completely outclassed the remainder of the fight. Devin Haney wins by way of unanimous decision.

Co-Main Event:  Thomas Mattice(13-0) vs ZhoraHamazaryan (9-1)

In the opening round of this one, Thomas Mattice was fighting very tactfully which did not lead to a whole lot of action until he was buzzed by a straight left by his opponent. In the second, Mattice picked up the activity and the left hook upstairs started to land with authority but at the end of the round, he was buzzed again, this time with a straight right hand.  Hamazaryan was bothered by the movement of Mattice and had a hard time cutting off the ring. In the fourth, Mattice was rocked by a left hook and held excessively which should have resulted in some type of warning or point deduction but it did not. Rounds five thru seven, Mattice was dictating the pace while the last round, both men had their moments. To the crowd’s displeasure, the fight ended in a draw.

Cem Kilic (11-0) vs. Deandre Ware (12-0-2)

This one started off at a very high pace where both men were unleashing hard shots back and forth. Ware took the early rounds to work on the fleshy body of his oppenent, while Kilic was in love with his three punch combo which he used often in order to unleash some offense. Once they reached the half way point of the fight, both men were very fatigued with Kilic winning the war of attrition. Rounds six through eight saw Ware land big over hand rights and uppercuts but it just wasn’t often enough to sway the judges in giving him the rounds. In the end, the judges awarded the unanimous decision victory to Cem Kilic.

Honorable Mention:

In what was supposed to be a showcase fight for undefeated Ricardo Valdovinos (7-0), the outcome was very unexpected but always a possibility in this brutal sport of boxing. Kevin Shacks (2-2-3) knocked out Valdovinos and the fight ended with one second remaining in the first round. Kevin Shack picked up the upset knockout victory in front of his opponent’s stunned hometown crowd.


This evening featured a great crowd supporting some fighters making a name for themselves early in their career and a fighter in Devin Haney, who is on the cusp of a world title opportunity in the near future. This evening truly lived up to the name ShoBox: “The New Generation”.

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