Mickey Bey Making Move



Mickey Bey Making Move

Mickey Bey is looking forward to a new challenge in 2019, as the former IBF world lightweight champion sets his sights on the super featherweight division.

Bey, who defeated Miguel Vazquez in 2014 for the IBF World Lightweight title, has long been craving for an opportunity to get back in the mix and believes that a move down to super featherweight in 2019 will reignite his career.

The native of Cleveland opened up about his decision to move down to the 130 pounds weight limit.

Bey said, “I’ve always made lightweight very easily and I would always take an opportunity at lightweight, but I believe that the Boxing fans still haven’t seen the best out of me, and my best will be at super featherweight.

“I’m a clean liver; I’m always training hard and never out of the gym. I’ve got very little miles on the clock and I know that if I get a chance in 2019, then I’ll become a two division world champion.” 

The super Ffeatherweight division is an interesting one on a world scene, with notable names as Gervonta Davis and Tevin Farmer being two natural fights for the Las Vegas based Bey in 2019. The 130 division is currently stacked on a world scene and Bey spoke on his ideals for 2019.

The former lightweight champion said, “I’d love to box one of the champions for their belt, especially Farmer. I know I have the style to beat him.

“I’m happy to travel to gain an opportunity, there are big fights in the U.K. with the likes of Liam Walsh who boxed Gervonta Davis, and I believe I would be more impressive against Walsh than Gervonta was. 

“I am a different kind of animal at super featherweight and whoever wants to get in the ring with me is in for a shock.

“I’ve had some time away from the ring, but I’ve been learning in that period and I’ve kept sharp. I know whether it be at lightweight or super featherweight, people will see explosive performances from myself that will result in me becoming world champion again in 2019.”