Mayweather-McGregor All Access Ep 3 Drops Tonight; Highlights From Ep 1 and 2 Here



Mayweather-McGregor All Access Ep 3 Drops Tonight; Highlights From Ep 1 and 2 Here

You might have heard…

On Aug. 26 there’s a fight scheduled. A few, actually, but the one that has the masses chattering, and that includes folks that still think Mike Tyson is the heavyweight champeen of the world is the Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor mashup.

Boxing meets MMA, braggy meets brash, black meets white, there are different elements of interest and drama and storylines which are popping up as we count down the days to fight night, which unfurls at T-Mobile in Las Vegas, and on PPV.

Showtime is dropping the third installment of their All Access promo show tonight, Friday, so we took a look at ep 1 and 2 to get us up to speed on what we’ve been shown so far.

Ep 1 started out with the starting line, the one not behind the scenes. Yeah, the inner workings of how this deal came together, with Showtime and Floyd and Al Haymon and Dana White and Team McGregor, that would have made for compelling watching…

We saw Floyd promise to KO Conor, during a promo film and video shoot. McGregor introduced himself…

We saw video of the Dubliner do his thing in the Octagon, and heard his bonafides. He’s just 28, on top of the fistic world, or, at least, he will be until Aug 26, when most of us in the boxing community expect Floyd to teach him that even a high grade athlete can’t shorten the learning pugilism learning curve enough to compete let alone beat Floyd.

Team Conor cracks on Floyd, joking that they think he can’t read the pin stripe on Conor’s suit, which reads “Fuck You.”

We see excerpts from the LA presser which saw the athletes preen and posture and insult each other as a packed arena watched with jaws agape. “He’s in a fookin track suit,” Conor cracked. “I’m gonna knock him out inside four rounds, mark my words.”

Floyd dropped eff bombs, and we saw footballer Tom Brady taking selfie video from stage left, as he grinned. “If this was a real fight, I’d strangle you!” said McGregor, as the men started down and jawed.

Conor and Floyd the elder jawed at a presser after the on-stage affair and both got in clean strikes.

The age distance between the men is discussed. Floyd, 40, tells us that “I’m not the same fighter I was two years ago.” Yes, he’s trying to convince us he’s not as great as he was.

Drake then is seen chatting with Conor, before the Toronto leg of their press tour. Then Drake visits Floyd.

On stage in Canada, Conor takes the mic and is on fire. “Fuck the Mayweathers,” he chants and leads the crowd in the same chant. Floyd snipes at Conor for having tapped out in a fight. Floyd grabs an Irish flag and Conor takes Floyd’s money bag, which was a highlight of the tour.

They then head to NYC, and the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn.

McGregor strolls a Manhattan Avenue shirtless, having the time of his life. On stage, he is wearing a polar bear coat. Floyd tells his security guys plans for a skit, and we then see it play out. Floyd tosses money in the air, and yells, “Form Voltron,” signaling his muscled henchmen to surround the UFCer. They do, and tempers flare, and Floyd grins and preens.

Next, an interesting capture. They both arrive to their next destination, the airport, at the same time. “What’s up little dude,” Floyd says. Conor doesn’t engage. He takes a seat on a jet, to London, and he turns 29 on the flight over.

In England, Conor tells us he fought four years ago, in London, in front of 500 people. How far he’s come, he notes.

McGregor declares “I am boxing” during the London presser. “I’m gonna sleep him,” he promises. Floyd asks the crowd to sing Conor happy birthday and they decline. Conor cracks on Floyd’s “brittle bitch hands.”

The weeklong tour, which drew much disparagement from press objecting to a profane tone, draws to a close…

On ep two, we see Floyd talk about being the most well paid athlete on the planet. He is speaking about those who think he’s in too deep to the IRS. He takes stacks and stacks out of a satchel. “They call me Money Mayweather for a reason..I’m gonna get it regardless,” he states.

In Vegas, Floyd talks about his supremacy as the top dog in combat sports. But McGregor is pitched as a contender for that slot.

He trains at the new UFC Performance Institute, and he tells us he wants to KO Floyd.

Conor tries on some gloves, and head gear. He says he feels like one flap is bigger than another, under his eye. He’s a perfectionist, it seems. “There’s no doubt in my mind, this man will be unconscious within four rounds,” he states.

Next, Floyd does some yoga. “I feel like to live a long life, you gotta be stress free,” he says. He says it is obvious God loves him, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in. Next up, a visit to his strip club, Girl Collection, in Vegas. He tells the difference between a strip club and gentleman’s club and says he wants to open one in different countries.

It’s off to visit Conor in training. He brings ref Joe Cortez in camp to help give a reality flavor. McGregor, we are told, started boxing as a kid in Dublin. He had to fight as a kid, in the streets, and he then went to a club, Crumlin Boxing Club, to learn more. Trainer Phil Sutcliffe oversaw him. He came in with muddy cleats at age 10 and it was off to the races, then. He was at that gym for seven years. This is where he learned the fundamentals. He drifted away after he started in with martial arts, he says.

It is less than a month away..

Floyd is in Miami, having fun. He tells us he has all is homes, er, mansions, and will buy another $30 million home in Miami, he informs. Nah, he isn’t in deep doo doo with the IRS, he says.

We see Floyd and a crew bicycling in Miami. He trains when and how he likes, he says. Floyd and son Koraun play hoops and the boy says he likes that his dad takes more breaks from training. The Mayweather family goes roller skating, and he says two of his kids are about to go to college. I’m doing something right, he notes.

Next up…Paulie Malignaggi heads to spar with Conor. The Irishman had seen Paulie talk smack about him, and wanted to invite him to fight. All are asked to put down their phones and cameras, so we don’t see footage. Paulie tells us “he does know what he’s doing,” and Conor says Paulie “got his ass whupped” though he deserves credit for staying in the ring.

To wrap up, we hear Floyd say he feels like he’s the “best fighter on any planet” if Conor thinks he’s the best on Earth. Conor says “August 26 Vegas is mine.” “We’ll see August 26,” says Floyd, in summation.

Part 3 drops later tonight.


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