Beterbiev vs Smith Weigh In: All Set For Saturday



Beterbiev vs Smith Weigh In: All Set For Saturday

With the Beterbiev vs Smith weigh in now in the rearview, we're here to recount how all of the fighters from this weekend's biggest boxing bouts performed on the scale.

While the most important Beterbiev vs Smith weigh in results is that all fighters from the top three fights on this card made weight, one fighter from the undercard misses his contracted weight by a wide margin — which is why it's worthwhile to go over any Beterbiev vs Smith news after this morning's weigh in, and how the resulting weights might factor in to how each main event fighter looks when they enter the ring on Saturday. 

Beterbiev vs Smith Weigh In: Light Work For The Light Heavyweights

The biggest news from this morning's Beterbiev vs Smith weigh in is that both main event fighters weighed at or under their 175 pound limit, with the champion Artur Beterbiev weighing in at 175 pounds exactly, and the challenger Callum Smith weighing in at 174.6 pounds. 

Therefore, tomorrow night's fight for the WBC, IBF, and WBO light heavyweight world title is all set. 

These fighters' respective weights are noteworthy leading into this light heavyweight fight, considering that, for the first 28 fights of his professional boxing career, Callum Smith fought as a super middleweight, which is 168 pounds.

So while that left little doubt Smith would be able to make weight for this fight, one would imagine that Beterbiev — who has been a light heavyweight throughout his career — will likely weigh more in the ring on Saturday.

That being said, we could tell from yesterday's press conference that Smith has at least a four inch height advantage over Beterbiev. Therefore, it will be interesting to see whether Beterbiev's weight or Smith's height will be a bigger factor when they face off in Quebec, Canada this weekend. 

Beterbiev vs Smith Weigh In Results: One Missed Weight On The Undercard

Here are the complete Beterbiev vs Smith weigh in results from this weekend's entire card:  

Main Card

  • Light Heavyweight: Artur Beterbiev (175) vs Callum Smith (174.6)
  • Super Middleweight: Christian Mbilli (167.3) vs Rohan Murdock (167.6)


  • Bantamweight: Jason Moloney (117.5) vs Saul Sanchez (117.8)
  • Light Heavyweight: Imam Khataev (174.6) vs Michal Ludwiczak (178.6)

The lone missed weight from this weekend's card came from Michal Ludwiczak, who missed the 175 light heavyweight limit by 3.6 pounds. It will be interesting to see how that miss affects this bout on Saturday.

  • Junior Lightweight: Leila Beaudoin (129.9) vs Elizabeth Espinoza (128.6)
  • Super Middleweight: Wilkens Mathieu (168.8) vs Jose Arias Alvarez (167.7)
  • Light Heavyweight: Mehmet Ünal (177.8) vs Dragan Lepei (177.7)
  • Welterweight: Christopher Guerrero (149.5) vs Sergio Herrera (149.6)
  • Middleweight: Moreno Fendero (162.8) vs Victor Hugo Flores (162.3)

That does it for the Beterbiev vs Smith weigh in results. Now all there's left for these fighters to do is rehydrate, eat food, and get some rest in preparation for what will be the biggest fight of their lives on Saturday. 

Will Artur Beterbiev defend his WBC, IBF, and WBO light heavyweight belts once again, or will Callum Smith shock the world and upset the undefeated Russian? Seeing the answer is why Saturday can't come soon enough. 

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.