Beterbiev vs Smith Prediction: Smith Shocks the World



Beterbiev vs Smith Prediction: Smith Shocks the World

Considering how dominant the undefeated WBC, IBF, and WBO World light heavyweight champion has been throughout his career, it would be absurd to have a Beterbiev vs Smith prediction that's anything other than Beterbiev winning this fight, right? And perhaps it is.

Call us crazy all you want, but we believe Callum Smith is going to take down the king and become the undisputed 175 pound champion this weekend.

There's a great chance that Atrur Beterbiev will make us eat our words — but there's something about the way Callum Smith has looked since becoming a 175 pounder that has us convinced he's destined to pull off a massive upset against one of the pound for pound best boxers in the world. And maybe by the end of this Artur Beterbiev vs Callum Smith prediction, you'll be believing it, too.

Artur Beterbiev vs Callum Smith Prediction

Artur Beterbiev Preview

Artur Beterbiev — the WBC, IBF, WBO World Light Heavyweight champion with a perfect 19-0 professional record with 19 KO's — has been a buzzsaw across his entire boxing career. In any fight that you watch of Beterbiev, you'll be able to witness exactly why he has amassed the record — and championship titles — that he has to this point.

The undeniable advantage that Beterbiev has in this (and every other) fight is his power. While Callum Smith has some heavy hands of his own, there's no question that Artur Beterbiev packs an even heavier punch. Yet, that isn't the only quality that the champion has going for him.

In his most recent victory against Anthony Yarde back in January 2023, Beterbiev put on a display of body punches that we seldom see from the champion across his esteemed career — but only because he hasn't needed to aim for anything but the head.

However, a necessary Beterbiev vs Smith prediction is that fighting Callum Smith — who is going to be much taller in the ring than Beterbiev — will require body work to keep him at bay. And if Beterbiev can remain in close enough range to land consistent body shots, that also means he can hit the head — which is how Beterbiev makes the big bucks.

Callum Smith Preview

Although he hasn't been in the ring since August 2022, Callum Smith — the English boxer with a 29-1 professional record that includes 21 KO's — showed us a performance in his last fight that made him impossible to forget about.

That brutal fourth round knockout that Smith landed against Mathieu Bauderlique displays what is certainly his best asset in the ring: the left hook. This devastating weapon has been an unsolvable puzzle for nearly every fighter Smith has ever faced. In fact, the only guy who had no problem with it was Canelo Álvarez (who is to blame for the lone loss on Smith's record._

But what may be the biggest reason our Beterbiev vs Smith prediction could ring true is the massive height advantage Smith will bring into the ring with him. Smith is listed as four inches taller than Beterbiev; yet, if their press conference face-off is any indication, the difference in height may be greater than that.

Hence why Smith would be wise to throw his jab all night long. Even if he doesn't cause too much damage with it, utilizing it so often should throw Beterbiev off of his rhythm and timing — which is what most power punchers rely on. From there, Smith will be able to add on his left hook; and all it can take is for just one of those to land for this shocking upset to occur.

Artur Beterbiev vs Callum Smith: Underdog to Undisputed

Our official Beterbiev vs Smith prediction is that Callum Smith — currently a +340 underdog — will win via knockout. 

While Beterbiev is undeniably a top pound for pound boxer, anybody who has watched him fight has seen him face a fair share of adversity across his career. He loses rounds in most of his fights, and has been knocked down more than once.

Considering the height advantage Smith will have on Saturday night's stacked card, that he's used to being in the spotlight, and how good he has looked since moving to the light heavyweight division, we think that Smith will be able to knock Beterbiev out in this fight — which is available at +700.

Then again, we could be stupid for picking against the undefeated Beterbiev. If you think we're crazy for picking against the champion in this fight, perhaps taking him to win via KO at -200 is the best bet for you. After all, KO's are all Beterbiev knows.

Boxing fans are being treated to a top-tier card in the second weekend of 2024. Regardless of whether you think we're insane for backing Smith, or are jumping on the bandwagon with us, be sure to tune in on Saturday for what's sure to be a bunch of compelling bouts between boxing's best.

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.