Matias vs Paro Purse: Who’s Up for a Big Puerto Rican Payday?



Matias vs Paro Purse: Who’s Up for a Big Puerto Rican Payday?

Liam Paro travels to Puerto Rico this Saturday to challenge local hero Subriel Matias for the IBF Junior Welterweight title. Other than the pride of the belt, how much money is on the line? We go through the Matias vs Paro purse details to find out the financial incentives for both players.

Matias vs Paro Purse: Who Gets the Cash in the Caribbean?

The 140-pound weight class is a graveyard of shattered dreams. Subriel Matias has emerged as an indomitable force in the IBF junior welterweight division. His relentless pressure and bone-crushing punches have earned him a reputation as a knockout artist. 

The Puerto Rican comes into this fight with an unbelievable 100% KO rate in his 21-bout career. The defeat to Petros Anayan remains the only blemish on his otherwise stellar record.

Matias became the king of the division in February when he snatched the belt away from Jeremias Ponce last February. Now that he has penned a new deal with Matchroom Boxing, he will be looking to add more high profile names to his victim list. 

Liam Paro will be entering the lion’s den to fulfill his own title ambitions. The WBO Global junior welterweight champion boasts a 24-0 record heading into this fight. But, Paro will be facing an uphill battle against a relentless Matias, backed by a jubilant Coliseo Juan Aubin Cruz Abreu crowd in Manati. He will try to leverage his agility to get a positive result against Matias. 

Boxing Fighter Pay – Matias vs Paro

Let’s talk about money now! We don’t know a lot about Liam Paro’s net worth, but we can make an educated guess with the limited information we have. 

Back in May 2023, it was revealed that Arnold Barboza turned down a fight with the Queensland fighter. Matchroom bid $303k for the fight, while Top Rank was willing to pay $271k. Paro’s boxing fighter pay for this fight would have been 60% of the purse. 

In February, TGB Promotions secured the rights to Matias's title fight against Ponce, generating a total purse of $510k. This 50-50 split meant a hefty $255k payday for NoMas'Tias, building on his previous fight against Shohjahon Ergashev.  That bout, with a smaller overall purse of $357k, saw Matias take a commanding 70% share, netting him a cool $250, while Ergashev banked $107k.

We can use this information to predict the Matias vs Paro payout details. 

Since Matias is the IBF titleholder, he should get the larger share. We believe it could be a 60-40 split in favor of the Puerto Rican. 

The total Matis vs Paro prize money should be in the ballpark of $500k. 

A cool half-million dollar purse hangs in the balance this Saturday, with Matias poised to pocket $300k and Paro eyeing a $200k payday. 

This hefty sum guarantees fireworks in the ring – both fighters have serious financial incentive to leave it all out there. But beyond the big bucks, victory itself will be a coveted prize, pushing them to deliver a showstopping performance.

Bren Gray is our resident Kiwi, and has been writing about sports since he could first string words together. He first fell in love with boxing when David Tua took on Lennox Lewis in 2000, and hasn't looked back since.