Main Events’ LeShawn Rodriguez Seeks To Go To 11-0 TONIGHT in NH



Main Events’ LeShawn Rodriguez Seeks To Go To 11-0 TONIGHT in NH

OK, LeShawn Rodriguez, you are 10-0, and you should go to 11-0 tonight, in New Hampshire.

Talk to us… Where are you now at 10-0? A prospect almost a contender?

“Almost a contender,” said the 26 year old hitter fighting out of Long Island.

Tell me about your foe…Give me scouting report please. What’s this 18-16-1 Jose Medina all about?

“He’s pretty good. He has a rugged style. It won’t be good enough to beat me though,” the Main Events promoted pugilist continued.

And what are your strengths and weaknesses as a fighter?

“My strengths are my speed, I’m long and I have power. My weakness is sometimes when the fights are too easy, I get lackadaisical,” said the middleweight boxer, with admirable candidness.

One fight in 2018, remind me, was there an injury?  “I hurt my hand in a fight. I threw a left body shot and hit my opponents elbow with my thumb.”

Jolene Mizzone is the main events matchmaker. I asked her to give me a scouting report on LeShawn: “He is a total package, has power, speed, good footwork. If he keeps doing what he should do in the ring, with his talent, I promise he will be a champion. I think he is coming together well, he has passed his tests I put in front of him, one fight he had he didn’t look great but then we saw adjustments made in his next fight…that’s what it is all about, learning and adjusting when you are coming up!”

Back to LeShawn….Tell me about life outside the ring in the last year, I queried.

“I have been training hard but I haven’t been fighting as much because of my injury. It feels good to get back in the ring!”

NOTE: Boston Boxing Promotions is putting together the show that LeShawn is fighting on:

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