Evan Holyfield Preparing In High Altitude For His Triller Debut May 14



Evan Holyfield Preparing In High Altitude For His Triller Debut May 14

Los Angeles, May 3, 2022  —  Evan Holyfield (9-0, 6 KOs) from Atlanta GA and son of Five Time World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield, is preparing for his May 14 fight at The Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA.  TRILLERVERZ 5 will be streamed live on Triller and

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Evan is training in Colorado Springs.  It’s the first time in his career doing high altitude training and has been there for over a month.

“It’s my first time training in Colorado Springs,” said Holyfield.  “It’s fun being around the people that I am around – my trainers Mike Stafford and Bert Wells and fighters Adrian Broner and Rau’shee Warren.

“You’d think Broner would be a loud-mouth, but he’s kind of funny and a real hard worker.”

Bert Wells have been with Evan since his amateur days and Stafford has been training Evan for four fights.

“The biggest challenge at training camp has been the thin air.  I could run and everything else fine, but I was having trouble with the boxing workouts, particularly sparring.  I was having trouble catching my breath. I talked to my dad after the first week about the challenges. He said the same thing happened to him the first time he trained in high altitude, and I’ll get acclimated after a week or two and he was 100% right. After a week I felt better and had all of my energy.”

Evan trains six days and week, off on Sundays. Daily workout sessions are at 8 am and 5 pm.  Each morning and evening workouts alternate between the boxing gym and conditioning. When conditioning is in the morning, they do a run or play basketball.  When strength and conditioning is in the evening it’s at the fitness center with fitness trainer Rob Schwartz.

On Sunday “We may get some basketball in.  It’s not as much fun here though, it’s a little harder because of the elevation.”

“I’ve run into Keyshawn Davis a few times at the fitness center and also Terence Crawford and Bomac (Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre) while running around the lake.”

Evan Holyfield (L) picture here with Keyshawn Davis (C) and RauShee Warren (R)

With Stafford Evan’s been “working on using my distance and using my jab and the rest you’ll just have to see when it comes down to the fight. been doing the right thing and I’m excited to see what happens.”  He has not been working on anything special for this fight since “This is my first time up here so I feel like that is special enough. We haven’t worked on anything specific for this fight, other than working on going to the body. After all, training at this high altitude should be special enough.”

Currently, Evan weighs 155/156 and “weight is never a problem.  I weighed about 159/160 when I came into camp.  The contract weight is 152 and I may even hit 147 to be honest.”

At the Forum on May 14 will be “Mom for sure, dad maybe, Elijah wants to come but he may be in (Cincinnati) Bengals camp.” Elijah was recently promoted from the practice squad to ‘The 53’ man roster.