Lennox Lewis Weighs In, Wants AJ and Wilder To Get Together and Get ‘Er Done



Lennox Lewis Weighs In, Wants AJ and Wilder To Get Together and Get ‘Er Done

Living legend Lennox Lewis has hopped into the convo and made it clear that he’s like all of us, he wants the Anthony Joshua v Deontay Wilder fight to happen sooner, rather than later.

Marination is good for steaks, not so much for boxing matches the people want to see now, the ex champ said on Twitter.

Lewis is speaking with measured calm, but making it known that if both fighters the stature of an AJ and a Wilder are on the same page, and want a fight to happen, then BS gets shot down, and the damn thing gets made.

I responded to LL..

..and made sure he wasn’t sort of sitting astride the fence, giving a half pass to either side. No, he responded, the side he’s on is this: make the fight in timely fashion. Talks of two years down the line or what have, that ain’t right, Lennox says.

The Hall of Famer has spoken and now it’s up to the principals to heed the advice…or not.

Listen, we get it, many of us: there is a balance between maximizing capitalistic enterprise, and seeking to grow the money pot to a more massive zone…and also giving the people what they want, when they want it. Will growing the pot, or the effort to do that, win out…or will the desires of fight fans and Lennox Lewis, who want less marination, and more more manning of the battle station to occur win the argument? Stay tuned…

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