Leisure Movies for Real Boxing Fans



Leisure Movies for Real Boxing Fans

Are you a fan of boxing films? We have prepared a selection of films on this topic that are admired all over the world.

So spend the weekend watching movies of your favorite genre. Boxing films are timeless. They do not become outdated, do not require context, and do not cease to be attractive to the public.

Shooting methods are changing, as are directors' approaches to this topic, but the tension and core do not disappear. Why? The answer is simple: these flicks combine sport and a story about the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

It doesn't matter what story is at the heart of the script, if the story is fictional or biographical. The main thing is the hero's striving for the goal and working hard, both physically and psychologically. We have prepared a list of the best movies about boxing.

Million Dollar Baby Million Dollar Baby is one of the most famous films made by macho icon Clint Eastwood. At 70, Eastwood made a movie that won four Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, and did box office business seven times over budget.

A waitress decides that she wants to box professionally more than anything else. She knows which coach she wants to learn from. Yet he will not take a new student, especially without experience and training, because it is too late for her to dream of titles, conquering the ring.

But the heroine knows what it means to be truly persistent. She is sure that boxing is her life's work and will stop at nothing to get her way. Even a former boxer's stern heart can melt at such tenacity.

A simple waitress with incredible zeal for training, and soon she is no longer just a student, but a real fighter, a conqueror of ribs. This movie is available on Netflix. However, the platform is blocked in some regions. How to watch Netflix unblocked? Use VeePN! The service can unblock any geo-restrictions, and you can use these tools simultaneously on ten devices.

Southpaw What is the most realistic boxing movie? Southpaw is the most realistic and dramatic film ever – Billy Hope is a skilled boxer in the prime of his career. He has his own house, and lives with wife Maureen, and daughter Leila. However, even though Billy is at the top of the sports Olympus, Maureen persuades him to leave boxing. Billy agrees because he dreams of spending more time with his daughter.

Soon, at a party, he announces his retirement from the big sport. But as soon as he and Maureen get home, a bully hurts the pride of the boxer. The hot-tempered Billy gets into a fight. Taking advantage of the commotion, someone draws a pistol, and a firefight ensues, and then a bullet kills Maureen. After that, Billy's life deteriorates: his huge mansion is empty and his daughter is taken away by a court decision. To bring Leila back, grief-broken Billy must return to duty and achieve his former glory.

Rocky What is the best Rocky movie? The first one came out of nowhere. The  stunning drama was written by Sylvester Stallone. This film became the highest-grossing film in 1977, as it detailed the ascent of Rocky Balboa, based on the famous boxer Chuck Wepner.

The main character lives in Philadelphia and dreams of becoming a champion. During the day, he moonlights as a thug for a local crime boss, and at night he diligently trains in the gym. Rocky receives a long-awaited chance to fulfill his dream: the world champion Appollo Creed comes to the city to fight another fight, but his opponent injures his hand on the eve of the fight. So Creed decides to fight a local boxer, and his choice falls on Rocky, as he’s not wanting to cancel the fight.

The Fighter The Fighter tells the story of the life and career of Micky Ward, a Masschusetts boxer, and his relationship with family, in particular with his older brother, who is addicted to drugs. After a long break in his career and an operation on his right hand, Micky decides to return to the sport again.

Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo and Amy Adams all scored KOs with powerful performances in the 2010 film.

However, the brother who inspired him to do this ends up doing everything to avoid a comeback. Micky, who has endured his antics for a long time, makes the difficult decision to leave the family to prepare for battles independently.

Warrior Warrior is a story of overcoming oneself, one's fears, and old grudges. Warrior is a truly honest film about fighting in the ring and life. Each of the heroes has his internal truth, which they are ready to defend to the last. But who will prevail? After many years of absence from his hometown, Tommy Conlon returns home and meets his father, a former alcoholic who has embarked on the path of reform. Since Tommy came, first of all, to prepare for a big fighting tournament, his father offers to become his coach. Tommy does not yet know that this tournament will be a turning point in his family's history because, in the final, he will have to fight none other than his brother.

Kickboxer: Retaliation Kickboxer: Retaliation is a continuation of the fighting exploits of the avenger Kurt Sloane, who wanted to get even for the loss of his brother. Kurt is forced to return to Thailand, where he is told to choose to rot in prison or enter the ring against a giant boxer, staging a grandiose fatal spectacle. Billionaire Thomas Moore gives him an ultimatum: either Kurt is fighting the strong man Mongkut, or his wife is sent to the next world. Kurt almost resigned himself to the impending defeat. But suddenly, Master Durand comes to his aid. The film stars action giants: Alain Moussi is trained by Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mike Tyson, and Ronaldinho.

Bleed for This Vinny Pazienza was a big star of the ring in the late 80s, but after losing three in a row, his popularity began to fade. The situation was changed by the new coach Kevin Rooney. Under his leadership Vinny moved to a different weight category and again became a favorite of the public. But the good times didn’t last: he got into a severe accident in his luxurious car and broke his neck. Doctors predicted that he will wear a metal corset for the rest of his life. But Vinny Pazienza is ready to try for the impossible for the sake of his career. He begins training in secret. The result is 12 years of brilliant boxing, 50 victories, and only 10 defeats.