Left Hook By Lemieux Drops and Stops Stevens In Rd 3, on HBO



Left Hook By Lemieux Drops and Stops Stevens In Rd 3, on HBO
David Spagnolo caught Curtis Stevens' mom checking on her downed son.

David Lemieux wanted to celebrate his one punch KO win at Turning Stone in Verona, NY and on HBO Saturday night heartily, but he couldn't as much as he'd like, because foe Curtis Stevens was taken out on a stretcher in round three. To do a mad victory dance would be unseemly, so the Canadian tempered his hoopla.

A left hook, timed at 1:59 elapsed, had Stevens out cold. His eyes were open and we saw him breathing, happily.

Lem, who was 177 to 170 for Curtis on fight day,  went 93-266 to 38-105 for the loser, who celebrated his 32nd birthday Friday.

In the first, the Montrealer Lemieux (36-3 entering) ate a jab right away. Then a right hurt Curtis at 1:25. The Lemieux right was on massage, and he worked lefts to the body. Curtis used power shots with both hands, but ate nasty late on the ropes.

In the second, the Brooklyner Stevens (29-5; WBC Intercontinental champ) ate left hooks to the body. DL was busier, stalking, and his left hook was pretty filthy. Curtis was the advancer more so late. Marc Ramsey told Lemieux not to load up too much after the round.

In the third, Curtis was the stalker to start. Lem was still busy, even though some wondered if he was not in his top condition. Down went Stevens, and he was out cold, off a left hook, though, just like that.

He was eyes closed, under the bottom rope, then his eyes were open.

A jab, right softerner and then a left hook, bam.

Curtis was throwing a left hook and it landed first, but not as hard.


After, Lemieux told Max Kellerman that he'd told him he was going to do that. Max said he wasn't looking cut, maybe not in the very best shape…Lemieux said he was in great shape, and he was told to calm down in round three, that's why Curtis came on some. “I had a great camp leading up to this fight,” the winner said. Stevens was strong, but not enough to slow him down, he said.  Is he back in the mix? You guys tell me, he answered. BJ Saunders, Canelo and Golovkin were names he mentioned as targets.

BTW, Stevens reported he was ok.IMG_0552

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