Kieran Smith Coming Back From Injuries



Kieran Smith Coming Back From Injuries

Kieran Smith discusses road back from career-threatening injuries to title victories and relationship with Awarding winning Uddingston Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic

It may come as a shock to some, but injuries are a very common part of professional boxing before the first bell is even rung, with gruelling 8-12 week training camps taking a massive toll on fighter’s bodies.

To stay injury free for 12 weeks of intense training is a task in itself, and requires a top quality team to make that happen.

Current WBC International Silver 154 pound champion Kieran Smith has established himself as one of the main players in the ever-expanding Scottish Boxing scene.

However, many are unaware that Smith has been through excruciating injuries since his time in the amateurs, which accumulated in representing Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Since 2014, the unbeaten Scottish standout has been through two knee surgeries and treatment on his hands, which have been an issue since his time in the amateurs.

Smith described some of the plagues that he has felt in his professional career and the changes he has had to make to continue with his career.

The unbeaten Super Welterweight said, “I’ve had two knee injuries throughout my pro career and not many people know about that. The reason they don’t know is that Ricky and Gillian Flanagan have worked with me since I turned professional, and managed to reduce the pain which allowed me to continue to train and fight as best as I could.

“My hands have been an issue since the amateurs, I’ve had multiple ligaments damaged and for a large part of my career, I’ve felt that I couldn’t load up as much as I wanted to as I was concerned about my hands.

Big punching Smith continued, “Everything has changed now, as Ricky and Gillian at Uddingston Physiotherapy has worked with me multiple times a week for 3 years now, and it’s starting to show as I’m more explosive than ever due to the training I am now able to do, and now I don’t need to worry about holding back when I’m in the ring, and that will only produce more explosive performances myself.”

Award-winning Massage and Sports Therapist Ricky Flanagan has worked with countless high profile athletes in a wide range of professional sports.

Ricky opened up about his experiences from taking Smith’s dilapidated body and helping construct it back to where he is able to compete at the elite levels in his chosen field.

He said, “Kieran Smith is a top-class athlete, so we work hard to make sure we give him the best treatment possible to maintain and improve his athletic abilities.

“Kieran’s knee injury which required knee surgery which involved a lateral release procedure was down to a mechanical problem with his glutes which we diagnosed.

“We also diagnosed a few issues with Kieran’s hands which involved ligament and tendon damage. We were able to then work in healing those injuries and strengthening his hands to the extent he now has the confidence to unleash his explosive power at will.”

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