Team Joe Joyce vs John Fury Talk Heating Up



Team Joe Joyce vs John Fury Talk Heating Up

This weekend ‘The Juggernaut’ Joe Joyce returns with a ‘Big Bang’ when he faces the Chinese heavyweight, Zhilei Zhang. The big Brit is hoping a win secures a shot at one of the champions, Oleksandr Usyk or Tyson Fury despite the father of the latter claiming a fight between his son, ‘The Gypsy King’, and Joyce as being “meaningless,” a term that offended a member of Joe Joyce’s management team, SJAM.

“He is honestly one of the biggest helmets I've ever seen in my life. I've got no respect for John Fury,” Shane Watson of SJAM told Slothboxx. “I've got so much respect for the Fury family. I love Peter. I love Tyson. I love Hughie. I don't really know Tommy too well, but all great people. But John's just about trying to get himself famous getting in front of a camera makes empty threats to people all the time. So he's going to do this to people, meets Mike Tyson, shakes his hand, says how much he idolises him but said he's gonna knock him out before. Rude and aggressive to Carl Frampton and I love Carl Frampton. Great guy. That's a former unified world champion, and two weight world champion, and you're going to talk to him like that, because you've got an opinion on that fight. Which by the way, was a close fight. Even then John Fury said he was going to knock him out and stuff and walked away. Like, I've got no respect or time for John Fury, all he only ever seems to do is say stuff because he wants the attention and media on him and that's my opinion.

That is John Fury, doing a George the Animal Steele impersonation in Dubai.

Watson continued: “At the end of day, if you're calling Joe Joyce a meaningless fight, what is a meaningful fight? You don't want to fight Usyk. You don't want to fight Joe Joyce, you're probably going to not want to fight Joshua, you had that opportunity in December, then what is the meaningful fight for him? To fight Chisora for a fourth time, that what you want to do? I don't know what he wants to do then, what is a meaningful fight? Usyk's not good enough. Joshua's not good enough, Joyce is meaningless. Where you're going to fight Wilder? Sure, for the 500th time, but no one would say like, at the end of the day, no one wants to see that fight so what is a meaningful fight? Is he going to keep them inactive and make them not fight then eventually get stripped of his title, like, Fury hasn't got many years left because he's just getting older. He should be fighting twice a year. He fought in December in a glorified sparring match. And your reason why you didn't want to fight Joshua, two weeks later, was because you wanted to fight in February. We're now in April, and you've got no fight scheduled. I don't even think you're in talks with anyone. And there's nothing going to happen in the very near future. So to call that [Joe Joyce fight] meaningless is just crazy.

More from Watson: “If you're telling me a fight that would sell out Wembley Stadium on the first day, pay Fury more than what he got paid for Chisora is meaningless then he's delusional. He was only singing the praises of Joe Joyce, and saying it's a fight that he will take next a couple of months ago. So this is just another thing that it's just the hypocrisy of the whole team. And you know what the shameful thing is, Tyson Fury was one of most loved athletes in the UK and some of America as well until recently. John Fury is part of the reason why that name is getting dragged down because he is the most unbearable man. He wanted to fight Jake Paul through a TV screen. Like, he's been saying stuff about his girlfriend and stuff, and he's in his 50s. He needs to calm down and needs to get real. I used to actually like John Fury some years ago. I used to think he was just a straight talking man, but [now] he comes out with some nonsense and he just contradicts himself all the time.