Jonas vs Mayer Prediction: World Class Welterweights Collide



Jonas vs Mayer Prediction: World Class Welterweights Collide

Two titans of the boxing world are set to clash on Saturday, with stakes that will make this Jonas vs Mayer prediction a thrilling affair.

Considering that the IBF World Female Welterweight title is on the line at Liverpool's M&S Bank Arena, this jam-packed fight card is not only the best combat sports event that's taking place in Europe this weekend, but also the best boxing event in the world. And with what seems like a nearly even fight on paper, the boxing community is keen to see whether Natasha Jonas or Mikaela Mayer will emerge as the better 147-pound boxer.

While it's anybody's guess how this bout will play out, we hope this Natasha Jonas vs Mikaela Mayer prediction will give you some confidence in with whom to place your bets this weekend. 

Jonas vs Mayer Prediction

Natasha Jonas Preview

The pride of Great Britain, Natasha “Miss GB” Jonas — a fighter with a professional record of 14-2-1, which includes nine KO victories — earned her nickname by becoming the first ever British female boxer to compete at an Olympic Games. Yet, that was in 2012 — and Jonas has produced a plethora of performances since then that have only cemented her superstar status. Plus she still believes that, despite being 39 years of age, she's still managing to get better. 

Although Jonas usually doesn't have the height advantage against her opponents in the ring, she always seems to have a distinct power advantage; hence why the only person she has lost to since 2018 is the legend Katie Taylor

If you were to take a look at a highlight reel of Jonas' nine professional knockouts, you would see a few common occurrences: the first being Jonas' constant body work. Punching to the body — especially early in on the fight — is always a part of Jonas' game plan, which opens up angles for her vicious right hook and left cross to land as her opponents start becoming more protective of their body. 

Given that Mikaela Mayer is a few inches taller than Jonas, our Jonas vs Mayer prediction is that Jonas will be looking to hurt Mayer via body shots in the opening rounds, and use that to bait Mayer into more powerful shots later on in the fight — which could earn Jonas her tenth professional finish.

Mikaela Mayer Preview

Although Mikaela Mayer — an American fighter with a 19-1 professional record, which includes five KO victories — has never fought at welterweight before, the championship prowess she has shown across her career makes it seem like this should be no difficult feat for this boxing master. 

While her having only five knockouts might not suggest it, Mikaela Mayer is always looking to produce an impressive knockout. And even when she doesn't get that finish — such as when she fought Lucy Wildheart in April 2023 — her dominance is still on full display. 

Mayer will enter this fight against Natasha Jonas with a significant height advantage — which plays perfectly into Mayer's expected game plan on Saturday.

While her defense isn't always spectacular, Mayer tends to keep herself out of danger by living behind her super fast jab, then working off of that jab with powerful overhand right punches. 

Our Jonas vs Mayer prediction is that it will be imperative for Mayer to keep that jab working all fight long; if only to keep Jonas from landing body shots that may tire Mayer out.

If she can manage to set and sustain her distance, Mikaela Mayer could very well find herself with a new belt by the end of the evening. 

Natasha Jonas vs Mikaela Mayer: Mayer Stuns The Hometown Crowd

Our official Jonas vs Mayer prediction is that Mikaela Mayer — who is currently the +100 underdog — will win by decision.

Although it's difficult to bet against the hometown hero, we believe that the height advantage that Mayer will have for this fight is going to be too much for Natasha Jonas to overcome. This isn't a good stylistic matchup for “Miss GB”, and we think she'll find herself on the wrong end of dozens of jabs throughout the evening.

Yet, since we've seen Jonas' durability multiple times across her career, we think Mayer by decision (which is currently available at +180) is Mayer's most likely route to victory. 

That being said: we wouldn't be surprised at all if Natasha Jonas is able to wear down Mayer's body enough throughout the 10 round bout win to earn herself a decision victory (available at -110) and send the hometown crowd home happy on Saturday night. 

While it's currently a coin-toss as to who betters believe will win the IBF World Female Welterweight belt, there's no doubt that we'll be witnessing two of the top pound for pound female boxers going toe to toe in Liverpool this weekend. You won't want to miss this one!

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.