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Jonas vs Mayer Odds: Bookmakers Are Conflicted



It is time for the first big night for female boxing in 2024 and Natasha Jonas will try to defend her newly acquired IBF Welterweight title against Mikaela Mayer. Here are all the Jonas vs Mayer odds.

Boxing Odds: The Best Jonas vs Mayer Odds

Despite her unenviable age, Natasha Jonas enters this contest as the betting favorite. She won her title in July 2023 in her debut fight at welterweight. This is truly a curious matchup as both fighters have achieved much in multiple weight classes.

Mikaela Mayer began her career at super featherweight and in different periods held the WBO, IBF, and The Ring titles. After she lost the belts to Alycia Baumgardner in a unification bout in 2022, she moved to lightweight and won the WBC interim title. And immediately after that, she decided to move up even more and fight at welterweight.

The situation is similar when we look at Natasha's boxing record. In the past, she has fought for super-featherweight titles, for Katie Taylor's lightweight titles, she won the WBO junior-middleweight and the WBC super-welterweight titles in separate bouts in 2022. She then won the IBF light-middleweight title and the IBF welterweight title in her last couple of matches. She is an absolute legend of the sport.

Jonas vs Mayer Odds – Moneyline

As mentioned above, Natasha Jonas is entering this contest as the betting favorite although the gap is not big. She is 39 years old but will fight in her hometown of Liverpool. The current moneyline odds are -125 for her and +100 for Mayer.

Boxing Odds – Jonas vs Mayer Method of Victory

This market give you several options if you want higher odds. In some cases, it is worth betting on a KO or a Decision as some fighters have specific styles or records. This is a curious bout as both fighters have a history of decisions. Here are the odds:

• Jonas to win via KO/TKO or DQ: +1000

• Jonas to win via Decision or Technical Decision: +105

• Draw: +1200

• Mayer to win via KO/TKO or DQ: +900

• Mayer to win via Decision or Technical Decision: +150

Clearly, bookmakers expect a decision, and even the odds for the draw are surprisingly low. We would like to remind you that Natasha Jonas already had one draw in 2020 when she fought for Terri Harper's WBC and IBO super-featherweight titles.

Jonas vs Mayer Round to Win Odds

Betting enthusiasts who like high odds can opt for this market in search of a bigger payday. If you believe that the match will end early and have the confidence that you can guess the exact round and winner, check out the odds below.

• Round 1: We already mentioned that bookmakers expect a decision. Logically, the odds for the first-round finish are the highest at +10000 for both fighters.
• Round 2: No changes here and the odds are +10000 for both females again.
• Round 3: You can bet on either fighter to win in the third round at +8000.
• Round 4: The fourth-round finish has been valued at +6600 for both fighters.
• Round 5: Bet on either fighter to win in this round at +5000.
• Round 6: We see different odds for the two fighters for the first time and you can bet on Jonas at +5000 or Mayer at +4000.
• Round 7: The odds are the same here (+5000 and +4000).
• Round 8: You can bet on the finish in the 8th round at +4000 for both fighters.
• Round 9: The odds are the same for the finish in the 9th round.
• Round 10: You can bet on the late finish at +5000 for Jonas and +4000 for Mayer.

Jonas vs Mayer Odds – Round Group Betting

This is easily our favorite market for most boxing matches as it gives us a better chance to guess the result at better odds. Instead of betting on the exact round, you can opt for this market and bet on a group of rounds in which the match will end.

• Rounds 1-2: Bet on either fighter at +6600.
• Rounds 3-4: The odds for both females are +4000.
• Rounds 5-6: Bet on the finish in this group of rounds at +2800 for both fighters.
• Rounds 7-8: Bookmakers give Mayer lower odds for this group at +2200 as opposed to +2800 for Jonas.
• Rounds 9-10: The late finish in this group of rounds has been valued at +2500 for both fighters.

With this said, there is an abundance of markets that have not been mentioned in this article. Browse through the options of your favorite bookmaker and decide for yourself. Since we all expect a decision in this title match, we believe that there are many different winning options to choose from.

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