Jamel Herring vs Shakur Stevenson Preview



Jamel Herring vs Shakur Stevenson Preview

After months of speculation, it's now time for Jamel Herring and Shakur Stevenson to lace up the gloves and battle it out over 12 rounds for WBO junior lightweight world champion supremacy. Contracts have been signed, and both boxers will walk away with a seven-figure payday following the bout, so it is only a matter of time before they stand under the bright lights and put the fans' curiosity to rest.

When and where?

The fight is set to take place at State Farm Arena in Georgia on the 23rd of October 2021.These two fighters will be competing for the WBO featherweight world championship title

The fight will go for a maximum of 12 rounds in the super featherweight division, so the weight limit will be 59kgs.

The duel will begin at approximately 10:00 PM EST/7:00 PM PST, which is approximately 3:00 AM BST in the United Kingdom.

Shakur vs Herring Stats

Both of these fighters are among the best in the world at what they do, and their statistics back up all of the hype. The 5 '10'’ / 178cm Herring has a record of 23-2-0 to his name and, in his 23 wins he knocked out his opponents 11 times.

On the other side it’s the young blood Shakur who will step up in the ring with his 16-0-0 record with eight of the wins by knockout.

Herring has more experience than Shakur, and he also has a 2-inch reach advantage over him.

Herring is now ranked No. 2 in the featherweight division, while Shakur is ranked No. 7 in the division.

Current Forms

Let's take a look at each combatants' present form.

Herring won his fifth match in a row, which speaks something about his form and refusal to cut anyone any slack. On April 3, 2021, he defeated Carl Frampton in a tactical battle.

He had previously defeated Jonathan Oquendo by knocking him out cold on September 5, 2020, and then took an extended break.

Shakur, on the other hand, is undefeated in his last 16 fights, making him a formidable opponent.

He defeated Jeremiah Nakathila in his most recent encounter on June 12, 2021, and Toka Kahn Clary on December 12, 2020.

Activity Check

Looking at the numbers, it's evident that Shakur has fought more than Herring. Shakur has been fighting for an average of five months and six days during the last two years, whereas Herring has been fighting for an average of six months. Shakur lasted a total of 43 rounds, for an average of 8.6 rounds per round, while Herring lasted 46 rounds, for an average of 9.2 rounds per round.

Who is going to take the belt?

When looking at both sides and the statistics they have, it's difficult to predict who will come out on top. One has more experience, while the other is undefeated. It's a crucial fight for the fans, as many of them enjoy betting on their favorite fighter, so if that's the situation,2 can help you back who you think will be victorious and send a statement to the junior lightweight division.