Jamel Herring Is Aiming To Finish the Year On A High Note (Read, Stoppage) in Texas



Jamel Herring Is Aiming To Finish the Year On A High Note (Read, Stoppage) in Texas

Jamel Herring has been a happy fighter and he isn’t shy about shouting that out to the world, or, the Twittersphere, anyway.

The 18-2 is fighting for the third time this year, on a Top Rank card, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Under the Haymon Boxing umbrella, Herring fought twice in 2016 and twice in 2017..and sort of felt like his wheels were spinning. With Top Rank, he comes off as reborn.

Underneath the Zurdo Ramirez v Jesse Hart 2 main event, Herring will seek to make Adeilson Dos Santos 19-6. No title is on the line, but Hering is edging his way up the super featherweight ladder. Yep, he keeps winning, and a title crack will be on the near horizon. But before that, let’s focus on the present. What does Herring think of his foe, on paper? (For the record, there’s maybe no fighter better at furnishing such a report than Herring. I ask for a lowdown and he delivers, every damned time. It’s maybe the Marine in him. He’s like this, Abe Gonzalez is like this. Me, I think I’d hire Marines, more Marines, for whatever company I’m running. Is Robert Mueller available to submit stories to NYFights, ya think?)

“Couldn’t really find much on him during camp to be honest,” Herring said of the Brazilian. “I only got a glimpse of him from his fights with Magdaleno and Conlan. I did pick up a few traits that he has though. For starters he’s really slow on his feet at times, he doesn’t try to counter much when you’re attacking, instead he resorts to the high guard until you’re finished with your attack. He also doesn’t seem to fight going backwards, he mainly attacks coming forward, or when you’re being inactive in front of him. Another thing I’ve noticed in the Conlan fight is he’ll switch stances every now and then but only when he seems to run out of ideas. I give him credit for going the distance with Conlan overall but he’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I just look forward to displaying a good performance that’ll set me up to bigger things in the new year. I’m not underestimating him in any way because this is boxing and anything can happen, but I want to quickly get rid of him to keep my hopes of a world title fight alive, so be prepared to see an aggressive style this Friday, because I really want to end the year on a great note.”

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