Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Results: Jake Paul Wins Unanimous Decision



Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Results: Jake Paul Wins Unanimous Decision
Photo Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

Jake Paul would be taking on his biggest challenge yet as he faced former MMA champion Anderson Silva. 

Jake Paul knows how to manufacture interest in his business. Love him or hate him, either way, you are curious to see how the 25 year old social media provocateur will look against ultra vet Anderson Silva, the 47 year old MMA ATG. Paul holds a 5-0 (4 KOs) record, while the past prime Silva is 3-1 (2 KOs) in his side hustle. Yes, the side show, set for 8 rounds or fewer, takes center stage tonight in Arizona, on Showtime pay per view ($59.99).

Expect ring walks anytime after 11 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. PT. If you can't catch the action live, keep it locked here on NYFights for live round-by-round updates with an unofficial scorecard so you can see who is ahead.


Per BetMGM, Jake Paul was the favorite at -225, and Anderson Silva was the underdog at +200.

Jake Paul: Decision +225; KO/TKO +125

Draw: +1600

Anderson Silva: Decision +800; KO/TKO +300


Round 1: Young Jake Paul stalked Silva, who just strolled backwards. Silva, age 47, finally threw near the end of the round but Jake at least tried to press the issue. Silva landed maybe two punches

NYF Score: 10-9, Jake Paul

Round 2: Silva started out with energy, went at Jake. The ole lefty then went back to lateral movement, and Jake looked calm as he came forward. Jake wanted to land a big right, Silva too crafty. Silva was the ring general in charge of more of the round

NYF Score: 10-9, Silva

Anderson Silva didn't look shot, he held his own and then some against the man 22 years his junior.

Round 3 Silva was the effective aggressor. He won the first minute, Jake came back well in the second, and then Silva did just enough in the final minute. Jake tried some vet stuff, he grabbed and held, and Silva didn't like it. Jake missing badly a few times, bad look

NYF Score: 10-9, Silva 

Round 4 Jake did well because Silva took round off, maybe. Silva was not busy, Jake got confidence back. We saw blood from nose of Silva, and The Spider got off a good shot at the end of the round.

NYF Score: 10-9, Jake Paul

Round 5 Silva got in Jake's face, backed him up, flustered him some. Interior work by Silva took the round for him. He was meting out his energy smartly, it looked like. A few uppercuts landed on Paul, too, right uppercuts were good for The Spider. 

NYF Score: 10-9, Silva

Round 6 Jake flicked the jab in the first minute, Silva stayed chill. He bounced and moved, not throwing much, crowd boos at 1:16. Things got chippy, a wee bit. Jake boxed smartly, Silva tried to steal round with hard work late, no dice.

NYF Score: 10-9, Jake Paul

Round 7 Paul was the better ring general, Silva pawed a jab, didn't throw enough. Pretty clear Paul round. 

NYF Score: 10-9, Jake Paul

Round 8  A quick right put down Silva at 2:31. It was a right which caught Silva flat footed, and unaware. He got caught being too aggressive, clever Jake timed him. A clean right didn't buzz Jake, and this was nasty round. The crowd was on their feet, good drama here. The last half of the round was pretty even. 

NYF Score: 10-9, Jake Paul

NYF TOTAL: Jake Paul 5 rounds, Anderson Silva 3 rounds, Jake gets extra credit for knockdown

The verdict: The judges spoke after eight rounds of a better bout than most everyone expected. The UD, scores of 77-74, 78-73, 78-73…..Jake Paul. 

Jake Paul to Ariel Helwani gave props to Anderson Silva, who was his idol growing up. He addressed the people at home, saying that he's only been boxing for 2.5 years. “Go fuckin' get it, don't let anyone you can do something,” said the 25 year old.

“He's the toughest guy in the world, I swear to God,” Paul said. Will he get fuller respect now? “If I were walking on water, people would say I can't swim,” he noted, saying there will always be critics.

The powerful right hand did detonate, on a short, inside connection which put Silva down for a beat.

The now 6-0 victor then said he wanted Nate Diaz. “Stop being a bitch, and fight me…Canelo, you too,” he continued. “I just beat a legend, why can't I beat Canelo, fuck y'all.”

He also said he wanted to create a fighters association, so they can get health care.

Silva (3-2 as a boxer) then spoke to Helwani, and thanked everyone for attending. “That's the game, sometimes you win sometimes you lose,” he said. No, he didn't think he won, he believes the judges got it right. “I tried my best, Jake is better than me today,” Silva said, advising people to give Jake respect.

Jake saluted Silva on social after:

And Paul's effort drew praise from high places:

And some haters still hated:

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