Jaime Munguia Wins and Remains Champ On Golden Boy Card



Jaime Munguia Wins and Remains Champ On Golden Boy Card

 It’s Mexican Independence Day weekend which normally means a big fight for the current mega star in the sport. Canelo Alvarez won’t be headlining this time around but Golden Boy Promotions have looked to the younger part of their stable to fulfill that roll.

 The Main Event features the WBO Super Welterweight Champion Jaime Munguia (33-0) who is putting his title and undefeated record up against Patrick Allotey (40-3) all the way from Ghana.

 Already stating that he will be moving up to middleweight after this fight, the champion Munguia went into Friday’s weigh-in a few ounces over which required him to strip down to make it while the challenger made weight right at the 154 pound limit. Scale fail drama was avoided and led to the main event going as planned.

 Let’s see how the cards unfolded this evening.

 Main Event: Jaime Munguia vs. Patrick Allotey

In the first round, Munguia was showing more head movement and after being hit with the first body shot, Allotey immediately started to get on his bicycle. In the second round, Allotey was landing hard shots on Munguia but he kept on moving forward. In the third round, a left hook to the body sent Allotey to the canvas for the first knockdown. In the fourth round, another left hook to the body knockdown Allotey and after getting up, Munguia jumped on him which led to Allotey’s corner stopping the fight. Your winner and still WBO Super Welterweight Champion is Jaime Munguia.

 Franchon Crews-Dezurn (5-1) vs. Maricela Cornejo (13-3)

This was a rematch from their September bout and some bad blood added to it spilled over from social media, it was one of the more interesting fights coming into this evening. The Champion Dezurn dictated the majority of the fight with the long right hand as Cornejo moved back. Cornejo displayed a better performance than the last fight but the champion was just bigger and stronger than her. In round nine, Dezurn rocked Cornejo but remained patient and continued to dictate the pace. In the end, the judges saw this one 98-92, 98-92 and 97-93 for the now unified Champion Frnachon Crews-Dezurn.

 This is what the champion had to say after the fight. “I’m so happy. First of all, I have history with Mexico, my sister is Mexican, I love boxing just like you. I’m for unity and this is not just for me. This is for women boxers from Mexico and China and Russia and America. This week has been hell and I stood and held strong. This is just another testimony to show if you believe in yourself you put the work in, you stay focused, no matter how many distractions, no matter how much bull crap comes your way, you just stick to the plan and complete the mission.”

 Romero Duno (20-1) vs. Ivan Delgado (13-2-2)

Romero Duno started the first round with a strong right hand and one that stunned Ivan Delgado early. In the second round, Dunno was throwing wide punches and was missing which led to Delgado countering and gaining confidence. In the fourth round, Duno hurt Delgado with a body shot but was unable to finish him. Rounds five through seven saw Duno land hard shots, miss with wide shots and Delgado countering successfully. At the end of the seventh round, Delgado’s corner called the fight and the winner was Romero Duno by seventh round knockout.

 Joselito Velazquez (10-0) vs. Francisco Bonilla (6-6-3)

The Freddie Roach trained Joselito Velazquez started the first round looking like a polished veteran. He was showing flashy combinations and finishing it off with a hard left hook to the body. In the second round, the left hook to the body opened up Bonilla for a hard left hook to the head by Velazquez which led to a knockdown. Bonilla survived the round but in the fourth, was caught with a right hook that led to the second knockdown and the end of the fight. Joselito Velazquez wins by fourth round knockout giving himself an early birthday gift.

 Rafael Gramajo (10-2-2) vs. Daniel Olea (13-8-2)

This fight wasn’t the prettiest of contests as it just didn’t seem like any one man was dominating the fight. Both men had their moments but from the beginning of the first round, it just didn’t seem like Olea wanted to be in there. At the end of the fourth round, Olea did not get up from his stool leading to a knockout victory for Rafael Gramajo. Let’s hope that Gramajo can be matched better in the future and we can see what he brings to the table when tested.

 Alejandro Reyes (Pro Debut) vs. Jorge Padron (3-4)

In his pro debut, Alejandro Reyes came out strong in the first round which was partially motivated by the supporting crowd on hand. In the second round, it was a quick left hook to the body that knockdown Padron and he was not able to get up to continue the fight. Alejandro Reyes scores a second round knockout victory in his pro debut.

 Diego Pacheco (5-0) vs. Terry Fernandez (2-0)

In the first round, Diego Pacheco was doing some “head hunting” as he did not want to dip down to the shorter man right away and possibly get caught with a counter. In the second round, Pacheco found the right range and started to land some thudding body shots which was clearly hurting his opponent. In the third round, Pacheco just kept coming on with hard punches and flurries until the referee saw enough to call a halt to the action. Diego Pacheco wins by third round TKO.

 Here is what Pacheco had to say after the fight. “I feel really good fighting back in my hometown. People here cheering me on, it’s a great feeling. During the fight I felt really good. This guy was tough, you know, he was eating up all the punches but I was able to get him on the third round.”

 This evening saw a really good crowd at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, CA and in typical old school “StubHub” fashion, the crowd got their pound of flesh in a solid evening of boxing.




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