Heather “The Heat” Hardy V Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton: Sweethearts



Heather “The Heat” Hardy V Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton: Sweethearts

But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose.”

—Non Q-anon


All is fair in this war of love. No green flowers must bloom with violets of envy, this one's for the purple of hearts.

This could be read.

Heather Hardy vs Ana Julaton is MMA matchmaking for the boxing romantic who likes the idea of violence on Valentine's Day. If you watch as this man, its SI's swimsuit edition with a combat clause, featuring beautiful models who don't really give a shit about being pretty…so now they really are.

It's just a gorgeous fight and they're brave.

Maybe there's a woman watching at ringside, proud, who imagine these women in the grocery store the next day, complete with scars that don't make-up. She sees the whispers of gossip. “Look! Well, don't like…look!? Somebody beat her up, but he didn't take her pride.”

Her cart, somehow, always filled with flowers, cards and candy, intuition might take a chance to inspire. If so, she'd smile ever so slightly, before making a fist joined by a wink. 😉

It's been a long, unassuming road for both of them. Heather's golden square circle is worth more in an octagon, while Ana's ring of truth went “Poof!”, like a “Filipino Flash”. I remember “The Hurricane”, pillow sparring with a then pound-for-pound best Manny Pacquiao at the Wild Card Gym in LA, about as vividly as I remember Heather, “The Heat”, selling tickets for an upcoming fight at Gleason's Gym in vintage Manny Pacquiao gear after filming a documentary scene.

They're ladies. Both of them know how to slip out of stylish heels into boxing kicks.

As sweet scientists of heart, it'll be interesting to see them wrestling or grappling with the idea of either. If anything, it'll demonstrate a desire to do anything to win. This is a dreamy pop video from yesterday's pugilistic diva for tomorrow's MMA queen. Stylistically, this fight is an estrogen rich Pacquiao V Marquez, with a “Kiss From A Rose” score by Seal.

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