Fury vs. Chisora 3: Live Round-by-Round Scoring & Fight Results



Fury vs. Chisora 3: Live Round-by-Round Scoring & Fight Results
Photo Credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury takes on Derek Chisora in the final fight of their trilogy which hopefully closes the chapter on their rivalry.

It could happen, Tyson Fury could lose his WBC heavyweight crown to 38 year old Derek Chisora,  whom he has beaten twice already. It won’t.. but it could. Which is why NYFIGHTS will dutifully transcribe the action, round by round, of the Dec 3, 2022 Tyson Fury-Derek Chisora main event on ESPN+.


Per BetMGM, Tyson Fury is the favorite at -2500, and Derek Chisora is the underdog at +1000.

Tyson Fury: Decision +250; KO/TKO -300

Draw: +2500

Derek Chisora: Decision +2500; KO/TKO +160


Round 1: Ref is Victor Loughlin. The judges, you don't need to know…Fury comes out looking peppy, despite coming to the ring in winter garb. It's not even 40 degrees there…Three hard clinches in first minute. R uppercut from Fury, crowd likes it. Fury punching, then clinching, just to to be safe. Chisora looks kind of slow to start…Fury sliding laterally more as round winds down. Easy work Fury round

NYF Score: Fury 10-9

Round 2: Fury has towel wrapped around him as he listens to trainer Sugar Hill. Start round 2…Wild swinging rights from Chisora miss. Chisora trying to jab his way in. More clinching from Fury, better safe than sorry. Fury more loose, moving v well now. Ref is letting them clinch, not being impatient. Right cross from Fury…then right uppercut, bang! Chisora in corner, he's hurt some, waves Fury to come back and try harder.

NYF Score: Fury 10-9

Round 3: Fury looking to end it from start of the round. Right hands are nasty. Left hook buzzed Chisora bad. Legs going on Chisora. His hands were slow. Again, Chisora goes to the corner, where he tries to cover and slip. They tangled and fell, at 27 seconds to go. Easy, easy work.

NYF Score: Fury 10-8

Round 4: Chisora out busier, lands a right. His corner told him he needed to try and be offensive. Fury so relaxed, sticks long jab, moving, backwards, forwards, in control real estate. Fury clinching more in the round, looks like a rest round for him.

NYF Score: Fury 10-9

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 03: Derek Chisora (L) and Tyson Fury (R) exchange punches during their WBC heavyweight championship fight, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on December 03, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Round 5: Fury now lefty, throws mean left uppercut. Clinches, again. Chisora tries lefty, too. Then goes righty again, Fury double jab-right hand works. Chisora still active, defends pretty well. For how long? Fury still lefty in last minute. Fury crushes Chisora in corner, like Andre the Giant move back in the day

NYF Score: Fury 10-9

Round 6: Lefty again from Fury. He's landed 95 to 38 for Chisora to this point. Now righty, Fury pops jab to body, he's getting work in. Chisora tries to whack body, push Fury back. Still warring, is Chisora. Now Chisora is lefty. Decent fight to this point, volume is OK. Fury feints, again, looks like he is trying to get work, get rounds in. Fury timing is sharp now, right cross, then left hook are timed so well. Not as much clinching, Fury is comfortable he can slip shots, and see em all coming.

NYF Score: Fury 10-9

Round 7: Fury righty, his left hook, as a lead, is sharp. Chisora throws a couple to Fury flab, lands, and marches forward. Midway lull, they are toe to toe, but tired. Fury jabs, clinches, slowest round to this point. Fury using his weigh, bulk to tire Chisora. Trying to move him is like lifting really heavy weights, no fun. Some lefty to finish by Fury. Shutout.

NYF Score: Fury 10-9

Round 8: Fury a more active round to start, he grabs and pushes Chisora back. Good body work from Fury, Andre Ward says he thinks Fury can take Chisora out when he wants to. A one-two landed, but Chisora is tough, and stubborn. Uppercut scores for Fury, his hand speed is far superior to Chisora.

NYF Score: Fury 10-9

Round 9: 113 power punches, of 200 thrown, by Fury, according to CompuBox. Lefty Fury talking to Chisora, punters chanting. Fury landing pretty much whenever he wants. Ward talking about corner or ref pulling plug on Chisora. His right eye swollen, blood from his mouth–Chisora looking rough.

NYF Score: Fury 10-8

Round 10: We've all seen enough, says Ward, to start the round. Fury whacks, smothers, clinches, better safe than sorry style beatdown. Mark Kriegel asked the corner if they would maybe stop it, no answer from Don Charles, Chisora trainer. Ward won't let it go, he wants plug pulled. That's it…Plug pulled. After a combination.

The score: NYF had FURY up 9-0, with two extra points for wide rounds.


Tyson Fury fought Derek Chisora for the third time, on Saturday night in England, and the result was as most pundits figured it would be: easy work win for Fury. Fury got the W, TKO10,  in this WBC title defense, a “stay busy” check collection endeavor, and the only drama came from wondering whether Chisora would go the distance.

A Fury combo in the tenth, and Victor Loughlin said that’s it, he’d seen enough at 2:51 of the round. Chisora of course wanted to go the distance, but the referee saved him a few brain cells. 

It was one way all the way for Fury. In the first, the 260 pound Chisora did try to make a rumble out of it, he went at Fury.  In the second, the 268 pound Fury, 6-9 inches made sure to clinch, be smart, not get caught. Same thing from there on. 

Midway through, it was hard to see Chisora getting a lucky shot in. 

By the eighth or so, it was looking like a decent time to pull that proverbial plug. Loughlin did so in the tenth, and no, Chisora didn't protest. He knew the score.

Fury rises to 33-0-1, while Chisora drops to 33-13.


LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 03: Tyson Fury inside the ring before his WBC heavyweight championship fight with Derek Chisora, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on December 03, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Fury beat Chisora before he blew up, in 2011. Fury battered the warhorse when they re-matched in 2014, and on this occasion, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the battering against an even older warhorse continued.

Chisora in the lead-up admitted that he felt much respect for Fury, for giving him this opportunity to make a sweet payday. He insisted at the same time that he’d be in it to win it in their third collision. 

The Zimbabwe-born Chisora came to Tottenham at age 38, his nickname still “War,” but you’d be hard pressed to find a single soul who thought he’d be able to pull off the upset of the year. Fury, age 34, maybe if he turned old overnight, then maybe Chisora could catch him and do the nearly unimaginable. But no, the Gypsy King looked solid, using his ring generalship, and thudding power to get the triumph. 


In the ring post fight, Fury spoke on the scrap, thinking God first. “What a crowd,” he yelled to the 60,000 or so braving the cold. (It was in the 30s, with wind chill, onsite). “I felt good, I needed some rounds,” he admitted. “Chisora is an absolute warrior,” he said, it was a pleasure to meet him three times, he declared. He started a “Derek Chisora” chant, but it wasn’t picked up. 

Chisora post-fight said thanks to the ref, because he would have gone out on his shield. “Thanks Tyson,” he said, for the opportunity, not the beating. The loser said he wants to see Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk, so he did his job, from a PR perspective. 


Fury then went to Usyk, who came up on the apron. “Rubbish! Pussy” He hectored the Ukrainian, who stared and smiled. “Let’s get it on,” screamed Fury. “You gonna do something,” he taunted. “You gonna do fuck all.” Then Joe Joyce came in, and joined the party. If no Usyk fight, then how about Fury v Joyce in Wembley, Fury suggested. 

Mark Kriegel of ESPN then interviewed Fury, who said he was happy the ref pulled the plug. Next? “I want Oleksandr Usyk next, if that can’t be made, I want Joe Joyce,” Fury said. He needs to deal with hand and elbow injuries, then a fight, he shared. No timeline shared. The right hand hurt some and the right elbow has been problematic for a bit. He said he’ll need 6-8 weeks to heal, if elbow surgery is needed. So maybe February or March for Fury v Usyk might be too early. “I just think I can beat anybody,” he said, when asked how him versus Usyk might go. 

The winner said that trainer Sugar Hill did indeed tell Fury to finish the show, before the tenth, so that’s what he did. Fury said he will kayo everybody. “Anybody, whoever’s next, is gonna get knocked out,” he said. 

Joyce might be a tougher out than Usyk, Fury told Kriegel. He gave the US a shoutout, said he’d battle Usyk, then come back to Las Vegas, for a fourth fight against Deontay Wilder. 

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