Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen Prediction: Clarke Unbeaten



Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen Prediction: Clarke Unbeaten

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen Prediction time is here. This heavyweight battle will unfold Saturday on the Liam Smith Vs Chris Eubank 2 undercard at Manchester Arena in London, England.

Live on Sky Sports pay-per-view, Clarke vs. Allen is a fight that no one expected, yet is set to be a guilty pleasure for hardcore boxing fans in the UK.

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen Prediction

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen Prediction: Clarke is a massive favorite here

Since turning professional in February 2022, Clarke, or ‘Big Fraze’ has managed to craft an unbeaten record of 7-0 with 5 KOs, albeit in less-than-spectacular fashion.

A former Olympic bronze medallist at Tokyo 2020, Clarke was touted by Boxxer as the next best heavyweight to come from the UK.

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen Prediction: Clarke Best Win Versus Wach

However, so far, the 32-year-old's most notable win probably came in his last fight against the ever-durable Mariusz Wach.

And after being pulled from a purse bid to challenge Fabio Wardley for the British Heavyweight Championship back in May, there seems to be no rush for Boxxer or Sky Sports to throw Clarke in with any live opponents.

Nevertheless, in comes the popular Dave Allen, who despite being fairly inactive in the last few years, is arguably Clarke’s toughest opponent to date, as we think about our Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen Prediction.

By his own accord, Allen did not take boxing seriously in the early stages of his career.

Hence why the ‘White Rhino’ suffered a draw in his sixth bout against a 1-1-1 opponent in Plamen Nikolov and lost a split decision to Lenroy Thomas in 2017.

Dave Allen, heavyweight boxer

Allen comes in having won four straight

Still, when you look at Allen’s resume he has fought some established names in the heavyweight division such as Dillian Whyte, Luis Ortiz, and David Price. He’s claimed wins over Lucas Browne and an unbeaten Nick Webb at the time.

Unfortunately for Allen though, his last three opponents have all had losing records, which questions how prepared the Yorkshireman is for a well-schooled boxer like Clarke.

After all, there was talk about Allen potentially facing Fabio Wardley prior to the Clarke fight being confirmed. But the British Board of Control refused to sanction the contest, which sums up how Allen’s prospects are regarded outside looking in.

Regardless, Allen has come across as extremely confident in interviews and he insists he has everything to gain by defeating Frazer Clarke.

Not to mention, this could be a last-chance saloon for Allen, who is not signed to a major promotional outfit. Points to ponder as we mull a Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen prediction.

In contrast, it’s a bit of a lose-lose situation for Clarke.

Many in the boxing fraternity are already underwhelmed by the Burton man’s ability to score an impressive knockout and if there’s one thing Allen is good at, it’s taking a shot and not going down.

Saying that, if Allen’s punch resistance has has decreased and Clarke ends up claiming a knockout, this would bolster his stock.

Frazer Clarke Vs Dave Allen Prediction Time!

Despite Dave Allen’s impressive level of confidence and self-belief, there is a strong chance he will suffer the sixth loss of his pro career to Frazer Clarke.

Unlike Allen, Clarke has an extensive amateur background which should allow him to coast to a 10-round unanimous decision.

In the early rounds, you can expect Allen to come out swinging. The White Rhino has 18 KOs on his resume and the majority of them have come before round five.

So, if the 31-year-old has any chance of emerging victorious, it’s going to be in the early stages of the bout.

Allen has never won on points in contests with ten rounds or more.

Therefore, due to Allen’s sheer optimism, this might be the first time we see Clarke’s chin tested.

Regardless, on the whole, Allen’s work will be too crude for a seasoned boxer like Clarke with close to 100 amateur fights.

Frazer Clarke vs Dave Allen Prediction: Clarke stays unbeaten

Allen has a punchers’ chance

Clarke, as the slightly taller man at 6-6, is likely to use his jab and land body punches on Allen when he comes in close.

If Clarke’s most recent bout with Wach is anything to go by, he will start to slow down in the latter stages of the contest.

But it won’t matter because at that point he would have probably outlanded Allen by quite some distance.

The last time Allen faced a boxer with an experienced amateur background was David Price in 2019. Don’t be surprised if this fight follows a similar pattern with Clarke teeing off with ease and potentially forcing a stoppage.

In a nutshell, Clarke-Allen is unlikely to be a barnstormer.

However, it should be an interesting spectacle for as long as it lasts because one punch can change everything in the heavyweight division.

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