Which Former Heavyweight Champ Is A Huge ABBA Fan?



Which Former Heavyweight Champ Is A Huge ABBA Fan?

If you are a certain age, you may not know the name “ABBA,” but I’m betting even if you are that age, you know them from the ubiquity of one of their biggest hits.

This 70s mainstay was best known for their impeccably constructed pop songs, which littered the top 40 for much of the 1970s and into the early 80s. Four Swedes who jelled majestically as a unit of musicians, ABBA split in the 1980s and have resisted the siren call to reform and pick up trunks full of cash from patrons looking to wallow happily in a nostalgia trough.

But the quartet, who put out “Dancing Queen,” which is placed in 5 big budget Hollywood films a year, “Take A Chance On Me,” and “The Winner Takes It All,” have announced a come-back, of sorts.

They will put out two new songs, as part of a tour featuring themselves in “virtual” form.

So yeah, boxing isn’t the only sphere where the retired get constant calls to come back, get back into the fray, see if you still got it.

The ABBA news registered to those who cared, and not so much to a large part of the population. But one person who apparently greeted the news of their re-entry into the mix suprised the heck out of me.

Wait, Big George Foreman, you are an ABBA fan??

The living legend, a certified life taker as a puncher and all-time all-star as an entrepeneur, Foreman Tweeted out his glee at the ABBA news (see above).

So, I messaged him.

George, ur an ABBA fan?

Classic, right?

Hey, it goes to show, don’t judge boooks by their cover.

Well crafted pop songs can snag fans from every nook, and why shouldn’t Foreman dig “Dancing Queen?”

Maybe he’ll do a ringwalk to “Winner Takes It All” when he comes out of retirement for another run in the sun!


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