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Best Fighting-Themed Slots For UFC Fans



Of the various casino games and sports in the world, combat has garnered over a billion fans. In the spirit of providing fans with the highest thrill and drive, gaming developers have developed fighting games that will allow gamers to engage in fight-themed games. Some of these games are played on online casinos or offline, and casinos have developed slot games that are fight-themed for players to be able to win real money.

Here, some of the best online casino slots that are fight themed include:

Fisticuffs Slot Game

This action slot features two convivial fighter characters and a slender 1920s hipster rivaled against a beastly thug with a ridiculous ‘I love you mum’ inked on his string hand. It offers a maximum of 100.00 coins. The muscular guy becomes Wild to attain for all other paying tokens when the boxing feature turns on randomly. This casino slot game is fueled with exciting graphics, an excellent melodic background. Numerous options distinguish the best slot machine games from the normal ones. Fisticuffs is a great fighting-themed slot.

Forget the exotic colors and unrealistic appearances that make the game feel antiquated. In actuality, the game possesses all the peculiarities to becharm you; the free spin is also a good feature. It has horizontal and diagonal wild symbols fused with a friendly RTP factor. It will be befitting if this fighting-themed slot enters the NetEnt virtual reality flagship games. It has the potential for it.

Heavyweight Champion

Isoftbet completes the gaps in casino slot themed-games, summoning all champion wannabes to rock their gloves and step into the boxing ring. This title has adjustable pay lines and a pleasant jackpot of  90.00 credits. Real fans will appreciate the card girl feature that announces the next round and break two fighters’ conflict for fame and cash. Even though this is outdated, it still is a vibe as it improves the proximity of Gambling and UFC. This classic game pays from the left and requires 3 or more corresponding symbols to form a winning sequence.

The set-up is built in 5 reels and 3 rows setting, featuring your alter-ego-fighter as the wild. The dual nature permits the replacement of a mission icon hence fostering the chances of a big score. You can start small and win huge with the multiplier feature. This gamble feature allows you to double your score.

Lucha Libre 2

The UFC has estimated this slot machine to have a value of over $7 billion. Libre is among the best fighting-themed slots, and it has a five-reel, 30-pay line video slot, its exquisite features such as a bunch of wrestler wilds and multipliers. Its availability spans through numerous casinos, which you may check at CasinoTop reviewing platform. Such gambling review sites offer an opportunity to choose a reliable, responsible, and worthwhile gambling website.

Boxing Slot

The biggest advantage of this game is in the gameplay, which compensates for the graphical issues; this game has been considered one of the best boxing slots among fans. Users are allowed all experience levels through the adjustable betting lines; players can adjust betting range and control the game by investing as they want. Modifying slots with fixed pay lines offer a maximum of 15 on which is needed to order 3 or more matching. The ring card girl is important as she presents a bonus chance to tremble the winners. Part of the game features is the main character which acts as the wild symbol and pays a 1000 coin knockout prize. The double-up button allows the dealer to double prizes in case of a winning combo. The scatter model brings 12 free spins alongside a multiplier.


In this fight theme game, fighting the defending champion is the main idea; it has an outstanding and remarkable boxing theme. Symbols here range from WBC title belt, gloves, the ref, and your scourge as those with higher payout rating than you. To knock out the other boxer, play and match 3 identical icons placed on adjacent reels. 25 adjustable lines pay huge when you win all of them.

The bonus game turns on with 3 bonus characters offering you to smack a bag with blue gloves as hard as possible. If you play well, you score more significantly. Playing slots like those are exciting and captivating. You find that the spins and bonuses are just spectacular peculiarities.


Fighting is the shared theme in the slots mentioned above; these slots are free and easy to play, providing gamers with spins and other classic peculiarities that add fun. Fighting-theme, compared to different themes, is relatively new. Still, it has carved itself a sustainable niche providing several innovations that make online gaming more exciting and attractive. Some slots star characters such as Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, and others. Most providers have now created a permanent sport for this lucrative theme-sport.