Dutchover On ProBox TV: It Gives Me A Spark Hearing Legends Call My Fight



Dutchover On ProBox TV: It Gives Me A Spark Hearing Legends Call My Fight
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Junior welterweight Michael Dutchover (16-2, 10 KOs) was looking to avenge his last time out and did just that Friday night in Florida.

Dutchover is currently in the “Last Chance Tournament” held on by the ProBox TV platform and was successful in his matchup, defeating Clarence Booth (21-5, 13 KOs) by split decision Friday night.

After his win, I had a chance to chat with Dutchover to get his thoughts on everything in the tournament.

“I've been in training since February for this fight. So I was very well prepared,” Dutchover told following the Booth win. “I've focused a lot more mentally than physically. My physicality has always been the most challenging in getting ready, but I thought I was very well prepared mentally for this.”

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The mental focus this time was due to Dutchover's prior outing against Nahir Albright, a loss last September where he was knocked down four times before the fight was waved off after six rounds. That wasn't the outcome this time out.

“I had a game plan with my coach, and we came out on top. I was happy with the performance and looking forward to getting right-back,” Dutchover said.

Dutchover won via split decision on the scorecards (77-75 Booth overruled by 78-74 and 77-75 in favor of Dutchover). Once the bell rang, Ducthover's preparedness for whatever Booth would bring in the ring was a key to why he won.

“We prepared for him. I actually thought he (Booth) would press a little bit more. But, I think he felt a couple of my shots, which made him think twice about coming in,” Dutchover stated. “We knew he would switch stances in the fight, and he did a lot. It's what we prepped for, and once we saw that, I kept stepping over his lead foot and kept throwing the overhand right. Just a successful game plan in which I came out with the victory.”

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That next time-out will be on the August ProBox card when the tournament will continue. As the brackets slim down, the next challenger will be Antonio Moran (27-5-1, 19 KOs), who was also victorious against Jeffrey Torres (10-1, 6 KOs) on Friday as well. Dutchover finally got to watch his fight back and was enjoyed by the ProBox crew calling it.

“Four well-known commentators were commentating my fight, you know. I was rewatching my fight today, and just hearing Roy Jones say my name from West Texas amazed me. I'm listening to what they say too. So I'm taking the knowledge in. It's going to help me in my next fight,” Dutchover said. “It's like they're being a coach and commentating. What better entertainment than these legends calling these fights”.

Dutchover told me that he is already back in the gym training and is locked in on winning this tournament.

“Going from battle to battle is a war and only one person that's going to be standing at the end. That's why I'm training hard to make sure that's me.

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