23 Days Away From Down & Dirty VIII



23 Days Away From Down & Dirty VIII

We are 23 days away from the last ringwalk for vet Marqus Bates.

He is the main event in Taunton, Mass, atop “Down & Dirty VIII,” produced by Reyes Boxing Promotions.

NYF told you about “Mean Marqus,” the 37 year old with an 11-6 since turning pro in 2016.

We checked in again to see how he’s feeling as the last one beckons.

Marqus Bates

The 11-6 pugilist wants to go out with a W, March 9 in Taunton, Mass

“I’m excited for the card, especially it being in my city, my hometown,” Bates said. “Definitely going to be an exciting night of fights! Lots of talent from surrounding cities! Excited I get to perform in front of a lot of my family and friends, who haven’t got the chance to see me. And a little bit sad that it’s coming to its end, but I’m ready for it. To end where it all started for me, I feel a sense of completion.”

Speaking of “talent from surrounding cities,” the card has fleshed out nicely, according to Michael Reyes.

Anthony Hines, age 35, with a 12-2 mark, is slated to engage. He will face Argentine Fernando Farias, looks like a good one on paper. More from Hines:

“They call me Big Daddy. Can’t go into detail why or how I got that name,” he told me, with a sIy chuckle. “I was born and raised in Dorchester, MA. Growing up here wasn’t the easiest with there being a lot of criminal activity. I obviously adapted to my environment at a young age and got into some trouble.

Anthony Hines

You can ask him to go deeper into his nickname, “Big Daddy.”

“I started boxing when I stumbled upon a gym in Quincy, MA at the age of 15 and instantly fell in love with it,” Hines continued.

“Every time I was in the gym I was keeping myself out of trouble but of course I was still hanging with some of the same old crew I got into trouble with.

“I did my share of little jail sentences for stupid crimes and one day I just had enough of it and stepped away from the people that didn’t have any of my best interests in mind.

Did Hines have much of an amateur career? “I had some amateur fights over the years and did quite well but in some instances I got the shit end of the stick because I wasn’t the favorite. I was frustrated with the boxing system so decided to just step away from it. Knowing in your heart you did everything to win and to get the fight stripped from you can definitely lead to uncertainty.

“Still discouraged, I had an amateur fight here and there but wasn’t taking it as seriously anymore until one day I got a call to fight on a pro card and I said let’s do it.

“Now I’m currently 12-2 in the pros, with both my losses being very questionable, definitely my first one in Maine vs another 9-0 guy, Jason Quirk.

“My second loss I was stopped due to a bad call by the ref but that’s not gonna stop me. I’ll get that win back in time! My last loss is definitely something I learned from. While I wasn’t injured by his punch per se, I was having a knee issue and I should’ve held on to let it subside instead of keeping myself in his punching range and still trying to engage with him.

“I should’ve been smarter, but it’s easier to think about what you wanna do than to actually put it into action while you have someone standing there throwing punches at you,” Hines said.

“This fight coming up in Taunton is definitely tougher than what most would take. He’s 10-2-3, from Argentina, and I haven’t seen much video on him so we don’t have much to work with. I just know I’m gonna be ready for anything he throws at me. Not going for a knockout but if it comes, it comes. I’m gonna be very strategic and make sure to capitalize on all of his mistakes. Prediction? I believe I’m gonna step out of that ring with the dub!”

Also slated to appear at D & D VIII, William Foster III, a 16-1 super featherweight out of Connecticut. He took a step up test versus Henry Lebron his last start, in November, and acquitted himself in an MDL.

Joe James, an 8-1 lightweight, will see action on March 9 as well. The Minnesota born fighter is nicknamed “The Sniper.” He tasted an L for the first time his last time out, so how is his head?

“I’m good and ready to go,” “JJ” told us. “Last fight was rough, a lot happened but it’s part of the game. I’m ready for this fight and I will be back better than ever.

Joe James

James showing fine form. He has a slot on the March 9 Reyes Boxing Promotions card in Taunton, Mass.

“My thoughts on this fight are to just get back to myself and performing the way I know I can. I believe I’m better than my opponent but it’s my job to go in there and prove it. I wanna show that I’m a special talent. No predictions… I’m just gonna go have fun and show my talent and skills off.”

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