Devin Haney Arrested



Devin Haney Arrested

Devin Haney got arrested Thursday morning in LA after partying, because cops found a handgun in the car Haney was in.

TMZ broke the story, but of course, of this athletes' brush with law enforcement.

The gossip mill said it was during a “routine traffic stop” that a gun was found. Haney, the 30-0 ace who was last seen besting Vasiliy Lomachenko in a 135 pound showdown, wasn't the driver.

The unnamed driver informed cops a gun was present, the story shared, and here's an interesting part–no one took ownership of the weapon. So, because the car was registered to Haney, he was snagged and stands accused of felony weapon possession.

He's out of the pokey, on bail, and has a hearing next month to see what's what.

Devin Haney Had Been Sitting Pretty

Haney has been sitting pretty, with grand leverage, as he holds all the straps at 135. He's been getting callouts, offers and has been pondering his next move. Our Mario Mungia did a solid job summing up some of the new elements now present in the life of Devin Haney, the CA native who has made Nevada his home base.

“The blueprint for being the bad guy is clear, but the most important part is being a fighter that fans want to see lose,” Mungia wrote. “That was the reason that Floyd, a fighter that did not put on very many action-packed affairs, was able to draw so well. Because as many people that paid to watch him win, even more paid to watch him lose.

It is a tried and true formula. Like Hulk Hogan ditching the red and yellow for the black and white, it is about realizing the colors only matter when they produce green. After all, it is all just a show for a paying public, and the secret that consumers want to believe is that life is a battle between good and bad all the while knowing that we live in a world of gray— the same color that fans used to describe Devon Haney before Saturday.”

As Profile Grows, New Challenges Appear

Devin Haney is also discovering, with greater profile comes “greater” distractions. When you become more of a name, more spotlight goes on you. That can be good, or less so.

It's a time honored tradition. A young entertainer, best in the pugilism sphere, or Hollywood, or wherever, tastes success, and the trappings….and then tastes the bitter downside of unforeseen impediments.

Devin Haney is becoming more well known

It's a cliched story in boxing, and in life. Fame changes dynamics. Can be great, and can be less so. Devin Haney now better knows the mixed nature of “success,” possibly. TMZ knows your name, the game has really changed…

The 24 year old Haney could sit down with perhaps future foe Teofimo Lopez and share anecdotes about how life takes you on twists and challenging turns.

Both men have wrestled with ups and downs. Haney has taken flak on social media, from fans who think that Loma beat him in their 5/20 baton-pass tussle.

Haney also gets hits from those who say he is an operator, who works political angles to elevate his stature, along with his dad. His dad, Bill, gets shots taken at him to a degree because he's operated as an independent contractor, pretty much, and cleverly shopped the services and talents of his son.

Yes, envy is motivator to some of these “haters,” it's safe to say.

Devin Haney

Haney didn't get bouquets from all off this win.

My Three Cents: Haney's living in a different world now, because of his recent step up in notoriety. This “bust” will boost his profile, because, hello TMZ is a juggernaut.

That “different world” also refers to jurisdiction. One might consider that how guns are treated is different in California, as compared to, say, Texas. In Texas, concealed carry is encouraged.

All in all, from the outside looking in perch, doesn't seem like there's cause for alarm here, if you are a Haney fan, and are hoping he's not sliding a bit off the rails.

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