Developing: Wilfredo Gomez Allegedly Subjected To Abuse By Unidentified Woman



Developing: Wilfredo Gomez Allegedly Subjected To Abuse By Unidentified Woman

In further developments, Puerto Rican news outlet Primera Hora reports that Wilfredo Gómez was the victim of an alleged pattern of abuse. News broke yesterday afternoon that the former three-time world champion had to be removed by police from his residence. It was reported that a woman allegedly kept him isolated from friends and family.

In an article written for Primera Hora, reporter Joel Ortiz Rivera informs that Gomez's family sought the services of attorney Peter Diaz. The family alleges that they did not have any communication with the former pugilist.

Peter Diaz is currently representing Gómez's wife, Carolina Gamboa, and his son, Wilfredo Gómez Jr. Diaz released a statement explaining the circumstances regarding the need to remove the 65-year-old legendary pugilist from his residence in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Here is the lawyer's statement as it appears in Primera Hora.

“Gómez's legal wife and his son, Wilfredo Gómez Jr., came to my office seeking help because they had received information from neighbors about a pattern of mistreatment against Gómez and that they had him basically kidnapped in his own residence. For months, they didn't allow anyone to see him. So, we went to the Court of San Juan in a request for the family to be allowed to take him to a hospital and to remove him from those conditions. It is a confidential case under Law 12 for the protection of older persons, so I cannot reveal what type of order was authorized and its content”.

Earlier reports hadn't positively identified the person who was allegedly holding Gomez captive in deplorable conditions and restricting family members from contacting him. However, images captured by “Dia a Dia”-Telemundo (Television news program) show a woman alleged to be the other resident in the home. And also, the person accused of mistreating the former world champion subjecting him to live in conditions that are described as inhumane. The woman can be seen sitting in a wheelchair holding a cane. According to Diaz, the woman refused to open the door when the authorities showed up at the residence. Furthermore, she threatened the family, claiming that she was armed with a weapon. It took the authorities more than two hours to get her to allow them into the residence. Finally, the police dealt with the aggressive woman, and the paramedics were able to put him in the ambulance and transport him to the hospital.

Somewhat of an enigma, the woman's name and complete identity are still yet to be reported.    Disturbing images during the removal show Gomez to be disoriented, unkempt, and seriously neglected. The former pugilist face appeared to be massively swollen. Additionally, his legs and other body parts show signs of bruising.

Former super bantamweight world champion and a close friend of Wilfredo Gomez, Victor “Luvi” Callejas, assisted the family in getting Gomez removed from the residence. The family's lawyer Peter Díaz further informs Primera Hora that he does not know precisely when the alleged pattern of abuse began. However, the gravity of the situation was further confirmed when neighbors called the family, describing the dire situation.  According to Ortiz, “The lawyer described the conditions of the residence as subhuman and lacking in hygiene, so he ruled out that once Gómez receives the necessary treatment in the hospital, he will return to the same residence.”

Peter Diaz told Primera Hora that the legendary boxer has suitable living options at the residence of his son or wife after Gomez receives the necessary medical care. However, it will be up to the court to decide where he would receive the best care. The follow-up hearing on the case is scheduled for March 13 at the San Juan Court in Puerto Rico. will continue to follow the story and report the latest developments.

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