David Benavidez: I’m A Monster and Can’t Be Stopped!



David Benavidez: I’m A Monster and Can’t Be Stopped!

DAVID BENAVIDEZ and CALEB PLANT did media workouts on Wednesday in Las Vegas, shedding light on their mindsets three days away from their super middleweight clash. I will be watching on

David Benavidez did a media workout on March 22, 2023

David Benavidez says he knows Caleb Plant won’t be easy to get a bead on

Here are some notable quotes from Benavidez aka The Mexican Monster:

“This is the best time to make this fight happen. I’m ready to give the fans what they want to see. I’m going for the knockout on Saturday.

“I have tremendous power. Everybody I hit, get hurt. I end up breaking them down little by little.”

“I know Caleb Plant is going to be a hard fighter moving around a lot. But whatever he brings to the table, I’m going to be ready for it. I’m looking for that knockout and I’m going to get it.

“I just want to push myself. This is pay-per-view. I want to be in the limelight. I want to continue having pay-per-view fights and to do that, I have to push and get the knockout. But I’m not going to go in there just throwing wild shots. I’m going to be very calculated.”

“This is the best I’ve ever felt mentally, physically and emotionally. I was already a monster before, but Caleb Plant brought the ‘Mexican Monster’ out of me.

“It’s a dream come true to headline a SHOWTIME PPV at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Just coming in here and seeing my face all over the place and the ring in the entrance to the MGM Grand, I used to see that when Manny Pacquiao used to fight here. I used to tell myself that I’m going to get there one day. Now the day has come.”

“I’m going to show what I’ve always shown. That I’m a monster and I can’t be stopped.”

CALEB PLANT too had his say. Here are some words from the Tennessee native:

Caleb Plant doesn’t seem edgy heading into the David Benavidez fight, on the platform

“I’m super excited. Thanks to all the fans showing up today. This is a big fight. Exactly what the fans want and what boxing needs. So, make sure you tune in Saturday because this is going to be big.

“I’ve been here before. I’ve been in big fights before. I know what this is all about and I know what it takes. Me and my team are fully prepared to get my hand raised on Saturday night.

“[Trainer Stephen Edwards] ‘Breadman’ came in last camp and we took things up to another level – you’ve seen that in my last performance. We took just a couple of weeks off and got back to work. So we’ve been building on top of that and it’ll show in the fight.

“I’m getting back to my old ways and the way my dad wants me to box. With ‘Breadman’ being here and echoing that and them going off each other, we’ve just got great chemistry.

“Getting my hand raised is all the motivation I need. It’s super motivating to have my family here with me. I’m gonna show that if you come up short or things don’t go your way, you gotta keep chasing and fighting for your dreams.”

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