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Danny Garcia Drops Drawers, Makes 147 For Saturday Night Scrap at Barclays



Danny Garcia Drops Drawers, Makes 147 For Saturday Night Scrap at Barclays

So, this much we know…Danny Garcia's underwear that he wore to Barclays Center for the Friday weigh-in weighed a bit too much.

“Swift” hopped on the scale, saw that it was over 147, and they had a towel ready, he dropped the drawers, stepped back on the scale…and bang.

147, the fight was on.

The 35-2 titlist at 140 pounds and 147 is seeking to start up another chapter in a career that has seen ups, downs, and ultimately, positioned him as one of the standout examples of pugilists benefitting of fighting in the Haymon era of boxing. Now 31, Garcia has become top tier wealthy, and fights a mix of stern tests and less-so clashes, infrequently enough that he may well have a better chance of coming out the other end neurologically sound. Winning, almost fully, in this Haymon era; he only has to deal with (or ignore) snipers who call him a “Cherry Picker.”

Redkach (below, in Amanda Westcott picture) was 146.8, and he was smiley and loose as he did the weigh in.

Yeah, we've seen stranger things than the Ukrainian born Cali resident exerting a possible power edge, and catching Danny with something he doesn't see, and derailing the Garcia's train's destination for the second half of 2020, a mega-fight against Errol Spence or Manny Pacquiao. Here are weights, and personnel assigned to the top three fights on the PBC card.


Garcia needed to drop his drawers to make 147. (Photo by Amanda Westcott)

Hurd has the size advantage on Santana, duh. (Photo by Amanda Westcott)

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