Daniel Dubois: Britain’s Next Heavyweight Champion?



Daniel Dubois: Britain’s Next Heavyweight Champion?

Since turning professional in 2017, Daniel Dubois has taken the heavyweight division by storm.

In just two years, the 23-year-old boxed his way to the British, Commonwealth, WBC Silver, and WBO belts. Because of this success in such a short space of time, many believe that Dubois will be the next star of British boxing, particularly seeing as he still has plenty of time to develop his skill set.

However, given the division’s current outlook, Dynamite’s path to an all-British affair with either Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury looks to be obstructed by numerous hurdles. With that said, let’s consider whether Dubois has the potential to be the future of heavyweight boxing. 

Aiming to Reach the Pinnacle 

As touched on above, Dubois has forged a heavy-hitting reputation for himself in only 15 professional fights. “Dynamite,” who was initially on the Great British team for the 2020 Olympics, opted to turn professional during his amateur career instead of taking the same path as the two-time unified heavyweight champion, Joshua. On reflection, the decision has proved to be a fruitful one for the 23-year-old competitor. 

According to the London-born boxer’s record, he has registered a knockout rate of 93.33 percent, at the time of writing. Further, over his last six bouts, Dubois has finished each of his opponents, with the latest coming against Ricardo Snijders in August 2020. 

With a rescheduled bout with Joe Joyce in the pipeline, the all-British contest between the two undefeated fighters will see one claim their first professional defeat. In recent times, Dubois hasn’t been shy of looking to the future, even in spite of upcoming challenges. As per a report at Essentially Sports, Dynamite states that he “needs” to beat Joyce before going for the division’s existing hierarchy, with the 23-year-old previously indicating a desire to fight Dillian Whyte.  

What’s Next for Dynamite? 

At present, Joyce is Dubois’ next fight, and he’d be smart to not overlook his fellow Brit. That said, one of the 23-year-old's main attributes revolves around his determination and work ethic. Of course, talent goes a long way to achieving success, but Dubois is prepared to put in the hours and work for a title shot. 

Although it hasn’t been discussed in the mainstream, a bout between Dubois and one of the division’s top-level British fighters would unquestionably attract the interest of fans. Although the intrigue in seeing Fury and Joshua fight is partially down to their talent, it’s also because of the prospect of an all-British spectacle.  

The winner of the Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce fight should have serious momentum to being the next big thing among British heavyweights.

Ponder it–who do you think wins, Dubois or Joyce? And why?

Regarding his long-term future, however, Dubois would be wise to consider fighting in the United States. Even though he has a loyal British following, the popularity of boxing in the US could help the 23-year-old elevate his global reputation should he look to broaden his horizons. Interestingly, boxing’s resurgent appeal in America is evident from the emergence of sports betting across various states, including Tennessee. After legalizing the activity in 2019, has reached new heights through bonus-offering operators, like William Hill, covering a wide array of different events, with a specific focus on heavyweight boxing.  

Dubois is On the Right Path 

Ultimately, given that “Dynamite” is still early in his professional career, it’s impossible to predict what he'll achieve in the heavyweight division in the near future. That said, on talent alone, the 23-year-old has the all-important knockout power that could see him strike his way to becoming the unified champion. Should he get past Joyce, then Dubois will be within his rights to demand a bout with someone like Whyte, which will truly determine his level.