Crocker vs Felix Jr Prediction: Crocker’s Champion Showcase



Crocker vs Felix Jr Prediction: Crocker’s Champion Showcase

With little else going on in the combat sports community this weekend, all eyes will be on whether our expected winner at the end of this Crocker vs Felix Jr prediction can make his leap into superstardom. 

Ulster Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland gets to witness a cracker of a boxing card this weekend, when two elite 147 pounders go toe to toe in order for one of them to claim the currently vacant WBO Inter Continental Welterweight Title.

While the betting odds for this fight might make it seem like an easy choice, we believe that by the end of this Lewis Crocker vs Jose Felix Jr prediction, you'll understand why picking a winner for this title fight isn't so obvious at it may seem.

Crocker vs Felix Jr Prediction

Lewis Crocker Preview

With the prodigal son of Northern Ireland, Lewis “The Croc” Crocker — a fighter with an undefeated 18-0 professional record, which includes 10 KO's — having fought four times in the last nine months of 2023 (with the most recent being a dominant decision victory against Tyrone McKenna, in what was dubbed “The Battle of Belfast”) Crocker enters this vacant WBO Inter Continental Welterweight Title as a heavy favorite; and a quick look at the tape makes it obvious why. 

Crocker brings a unique tactical approach into the ring for most of his fights, which seems to suit his style perfectly: emphasize punches to the body. 

Crocker has produced a plethora of body shot KO's across his professional career. And even when he isn't getting the finish with his brutal body blows, him throwing them relentlessly always seems to tire his opponents out over the bout. 

Because Crocker's penchant for the body has led to him amassing 18 straight victories — few of which have seen him in any shred of trouble — our Crocker vs Felix Jr prediction is that we don't see any reason why he would change that body-centric game plan up now; especially because Felix Jr will likely be looking for a knockout in the early rounds.

If Crocker can soften his opponent's body in the early going, that will open up avenues for him to land head shots — and could very well earn him the WBO Inter Continental Welterweight belt by evening's end. 

Jose Felix Jr Preview

Among the most shocking boxing upsets in 2023 was when Jose “Josesito” Felix Jr — a fighter with a 39-6-1 professional record, which includes 31 KO victoriesknocked out Gary Cully in the third round of their bout in May, with what was a vicious display of unanswered punches that forced Cully's corner to throw in the towel.

That upset victory against Cully was, in many ways, extremely similar to Felix Jr's upcoming fight against Lewis Crocker. It took place in Ireland — which, while not exactly Northern Ireland, is still adjacent to it — and Felix Jr was facing off against a hometown hero who many expected would walk right through him. 

Yet, with all of these factors seemingly stacked against him in that last fight, Felix Jr had nothing to lose — and fought like it. Which is why our Lewis Crocker vs Jose Felix Jr prediction is that we'll see the best version of Felix Jr this weekend. 

Whether that best version will lead to a victory is anyone's guess. But considering the massive, fight-altering power that Felix Jr possesses in both hands, he has proven time and time again that he can never be counted out of a fight. And all it will take is one of those punches to land square on Lewis Crocker's chin in this fight for Felix Jr to win the WBO Inter Continental Welterweight belt and send the Northern Irish fans home upset. 

Lewis Crocker vs Jose Felix Jr: Crocker Cruises to a Decision Victory

Our official Crocker vs Felix Jr prediction is that Lewis Crocker will win by unanimous decision

While Felix Jr is certainly a dangerous opponent, we believe that Crocker will have learned a massive lesson from Felix Jr's last fight against Gary Cully: don't underestimate this opponent. 

We believe Crocker keeping this in mind will lead to him entering the ring patient, measured, and not putting himself in harm's way. And if he can manage to keep that same energy throughout the 12-round bout, Crocker's superior technical skill should allow him to earn a decision victory — which you get at +210.

Yet, we can't underestimate Felix Jr either; especially when he comes to his bone-crushing power. Because we can imagine a scenario where Felix Jr catches Crocker's chin with something vicious, we would advice considering a bet on Felix Jr by KO — which you can get for +750.

Matchroom Boxing's late winter/spring schedule is starting off a bang in Belfast, Northern Ireland this weekend. Will the hometown kid secure his long awaited belt, or will lightning strike twice for the Mexican underdog? We can't wait to find out!

Grant Young is a sports writer from San Francisco. He has had two professional Muay Thai fights: he got knocked out in one, and got a knockout in the other. When it comes to his favorite fighters, it's Israel Adesanya, and then it's everyone else.