Claressa Shields vs. Savannah Marshall: Predictions & Betting Odds



Claressa Shields vs. Savannah Marshall: Predictions & Betting Odds
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The NYF Crew bring to you a prediction panel for Claressa Shields vs. Savannah Marshall.

It’s been an interesting month as we once again enter fight week for the right to be named the undisputed middleweight champion. Unified champ Claressa Shields (12-0) puts her titles on the line against her amateur rival Savannah Marshall (12-0). This is a grudge match that has been brewing for many years and we are finally at a place where it has peaked in marination. With the Queen’s death postponing the Sept date, it looks like all systems are a go for this weekend.

With the odds being as tight as they are, I brought on the NYF crew to get their take on the fight and see who they are leaning towards to come out victorious.


Per BetMGM, the betting odds do not get any tighter than this. Savannah Marshall is currently at -110 while Claressa Shields is at +100.

Claressa Shields: Decision +120; KO/TKO +800

Draw: +1200

Savannah Marshall: Decision +300; KO/TKO +275


Michael Woods (NYFights Founder): Shields by Decision

Shields won't gain the level of appreciation from the fans until she loses if, in that moment, she allows herself to show vulnerability and humility. That's not going to happen Saturday. Marshall is too slow, of foot and hand, to defeat Shields. No, there will not likely be a stoppage; much as she'd like to, Claressa doesn't possess the power to close the show in an exclamatory fashion. Shields UD10, wide.

Lucas Ketelle (Author of “Inside the Ropes of Boxing“-Click HERE): Shields by Decision

On paper, Shields has the pedigree, Marshall has the power, which somewhat mirrors the co-main event, as Mayer has the pedigree, and Baumgardner has the power. I will go with the pedigree in both—Shields to win a decision.

Gayle Falkenthal (NYFights): Shields by Decision

There aren't too many grudge matches on the women's side of the sport, so I choose to see the quest for revenge by unified, undisputed middleweight champion Claressa Shields against her amateur foe Savannah Marshall as a positive development no matter the outcome. Shields' only career loss came to Marshall, which she theoretically overcame by beating foes who beat Marshall to win her two Olympic gold medals.

Nevertheless, for someone as competitive as Shields, the loss gets her GWOAT. Marshall is the oddsmakers' favorite for good reason. She has a knockout ratio of over 80% and an eight-fight stoppage streak, rare for a female fighter. But she isn't going to KO Shields, who is sturdy and will benefit from her sideline foray into MMA. Shields needs to stay busy to overcome the hometown bias, and like Dmitry Bivol did over Canelo Alvarez, she needs to fight with her head and win the majority of rounds to get the nod. Shields by majority decision.

Marquis Johns (NYFights, TBRB): Shields by Decision

We are finally getting the grudge match a decade in the making. The biggest key for me in this matchup is can Shields stay away from the rang that Marshall will and still has over her. I think she can, and I expect this to be a very tactical unanimous decision win for Shields.

David Phillips (NYFights, Awards Daily): Marshall by Decision

Here we have two undefeated fighters with extensive amateur backgrounds which provides both with strong fundamentals and boxing skills. The one knock (pun maybe intended) on Shields is her lack of knockout wins (only two in her twelve victories), whereas Marshall has KO'd ten of her twelve opponents. Both have been in the ring against solid opposition, so, again, raw punching power seems to be the largest differentiator. While I don't expect Marshall to knock Shields out, I think she can hurt Shields and slow her down—something Shields can't afford if the fight goes the distance. With that in mind, I favor Marshall by a relatively close UD.

Colin Morrison (NYFights, JAPAN-Forward & SpitBalling Pod): Shields by Decision

Very much looking forward to this on Saturday. Intriguing matchup, but I strongly fancy Shields to put on a boxing masterclass and emerge with an impressive away win via unanimous decision.

Jacob Rodriguez (NYFights, The No Standing 8 Podcast): Shields by Decision

It’s hard for me to pick a clear winner in this fight. Do I bank on Shields’ skills and tenacity to best Marshall? Or do I bank on Marshall’s physical advantages and knockout power? Since their fight in the amateurs, I believe Shields has developed into a better professional fighter. Shields is quicker and more polished than Marshall. Marshall likes to keep opponents at the end of her jab and pick them off in the center of the ring. Shields is too competent and skilled to allow Marshall to use her for target practice. Shields will use her footwork and hand speed to counter Marshall’s attack. However, Shields can get careless in exchanges and leave herself open for Marshall to land a knockout punch. Barring that, Shields wins a unanimous decision.

Panel Results: 7-1 in favor of Shields.

My Three Cents:

This fight in my mind, has always looked like a clear win for Claressa Shields. I can be wrong but the panel seems to be leaning in the direction of the unified champion and I don’t see any reason to go against that. Will it be a knockout for Shields? Probably not but she will certainly display the skills associated with that of an elite fighter. Let’s hope the world is behind this card on Saturday as they were a few weeks ago.

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