Charles Conwell vs. Jarrett Hurd? Conwell is Confident He Beats Hurd!



Charles Conwell vs. Jarrett Hurd? Conwell is Confident He Beats Hurd!

It’s a great time to be a boxing fan, especially when these young, up and coming fighters dare to be great and put it all on the line in an effort to attain greatness.

Insert twenty-two-year-old Junior Middleweight contender Charles “Bad News” Conwell (13-0) out of Cleveland, OH. (Click HERE to get know him).

Within many boxing circles, it is known that Charles is a fighter who is “next” and has the potential of being someone special.

Recently, he made some comments by way of an ITR Boxing article that he wanted Jarrett Hurd (24-1) as his next fight. I checked in with Conwell to see what him and his team thought about that fight and why he specifically called out Hurd.

AG: Charles, before moving into the future, you recently had a knockout victory against undefeated Wendy Toussaint (12-1). During that fight, you hurt your hand. What’s the status of the hand?

CC: My hand feels great right now. During the fight, it was more like a shock to my wrist. I was in pain for a couple of rounds but I’m ok now.

AG: What kind of reaction did you get from the people at Showtime from that performance?

CC: They were excited about it. Showtime is excited to have me and young fighters who are hungry and want to be world champions. They keep showcasing me and helping me gain experience towards a world title.

AG: Word around the social media-sphere is that you want to fight former unified champion Jarrett “Swift” Hurd. Is this true and why do you want that fight?

Hurd has been quiet since his last fight. No telling what is next for him.

CC: It’s not only Jarrett Hurd but it’s everyone in the division. I want to be the best so I have to fight the best. I want to gain experience so that means fighting former world champions or guys that fought former world champions in order to get to the title.

AG: Looking at the Hurd fight, what do you see that gives you the confidence to take such a challenge right now?

CC: Looking at his last two performances, what he brings to the table and what I bring tells me that I beat him 100%!

AG: Is that a fight you would want next? Is the plan to fight once more before the end of the year and then maybe go into a Hurd fight in early 2021?

CC: To be honest, I’m looking at trying to get one more fight before the end of the year. I don’t know when a Hurd fight would happen but I am here for it. As long as it makes sense for my career, team and everything else is worked out, I am here for it. In 2021, we want to keep taking bigger steps towards that world title.

AG: Lastly, you are down in Mexico. Can you tell the readers what you are doing there?

CC: I’m down here in Mexico supporting my brother/teammate OJ3 (Otha Jones III 5-0). I’m here to help coach him to victory this Friday on DAZN. He is going to do his thing and come back home with the W.

From left to right: Roshawn Jones, Otha Jones III & Otha Jones Jr.

Team Conwell is confident and motivated about not only the possibility of a Hurd fight but also the future of Charles Conwell. I spoke to Otha Jones Jr. who is part of Team Conwell and this is what he had to say:

“Jarrett is, if I’m not mistaken, #3 in the IBF and we are #9. Personally, I think there isn’t anyone at 154 that is of the same caliber as Conwell. We are anxious to show it and prove it.

“At our gym, we want all of the smoke! Whoever is on our path to greatness, we want to walk through them. With this new generation, fans are demanding to see guys fight real fights. We don’t mind fighting these fights that people want to see. We don’t mind climbing up the ladder. Everyone one in our gym has won national amateur championships 3-4 years in a row. We were fighting stiff competition then and it will be no different than the stiff competition we will be fighting at an eliminator or championship.

“As far as Jarrett Hurd, we feel like that will be easy! If not Hurd, we will take J-Rock or the guy that beat J-Rock. We want all of that smoke! Austin Trout is #6 in the IBF but we really don’t want that. We want something that people respect, that is hard. I’ll say this as it’s been in the news a lot, we want to go back to the “Pretty Boy Floyd” era where he had to fight all of the people that they didn’t think he would fight. We are with that as whole!”

There you have it fight fans, Charles and Team Conwell want the biggest challenges. Let’s hope that this leads to the Hurd fight being made and the fans are treated with another exciting fight in the near future.

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