Canelo Vs Jacobs [Vol.III]: The Blueprint



Canelo Vs Jacobs [Vol.III]: The Blueprint


Groupies I leave em..

All f∆cked

Niggaz, awe struck

Ya single's .99 cents

Mine's was $4 bucks

—-Jay-Z, Imaginary Player

I told you in “[Vol. II]: The Black Album“, in so many words, that Canelo Vs Jacobs involves a very major intangible in their mind game playing corners. And with that– Andre Rozier came out swinging.

A burgeoning spirit of “Nah… Fuck this” had been brewing in his fighter, Brooklyn's own IBF middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs (35-2, 29KOs), and an equally perturbed and sneering chief second decided the weigh-in was the right time for Jacobs to “weigh in”. 

All the way in.

We knew this was coming, didn't we? A few days ago, Jacobs was vocal about Golden Boy and Canelo's braintrust tandem of Eddy and Chepo Reynoso basically hanging him out to dry. He's had to weigh in, again, first thing in the morning, with that 10lb barrier on the table. It had nothing to do with the IBF or the NSAC… This was all Golden Boy. Team Jacobs has an aversion to arrogance, and to them, this concession to make their biggest payday, in hostile territory with the biggest star in boxing, was just that. Fine. But buttons of the “meh” variety had been pressed too many times in the mind of Jacobs; far too many times to tolerate as the promotion drew to a close. More on that in a minute… 

“Matchroom Boxing, Golden Boy and DAZN rallied to score a hit.”

Amanda Westcott pic at weigh-in

The confrontation between unified middleweight champion Canelo (51-1-2, 35KOs) and Jacobs everyones' talking about came on the heels of an unusually long weigh-in, which was stretched into a mini-fight card movie by Golden Boy and DAZN (do download the app to see this fight for free), which frankly, I thought was great. 

We learned a great deal about all of the undercard fighters, as I now know Jo-Jo Diaz Vs Freddie Fonseca and Sadam Ali Vs Anthony Young, in particular, will be barn burners. And now (bouyed by my boy, NYF's underground king Abe Gonzalez, who does amazing work for us behind the scenes) I can't wait to see a can't-miss-sensation Vergil Ortiz Jr  against a funny as hell, “old ass” Mauricio Herrera. 

That should be a real breakout bonanza, with the winner (presumably Ortiz) facing the winner of Ali Vs Young– who's no joke and might smash Ali. Given Sadam comes off a rebound win over that “old ass” Herrerra after being massacred by Jaimie Mungia, I'm almost (we ain't gone get carried away here, folks) as excited to see this fight as I am the main event.

Really have to commend the “on-the-spot”, mic check interviews of the undercard fighters by the sharp street team duo of New Yorkers AK and Barak, and DAZN's new witty/wise looker vet. They helped sell the show and the fighters with an ‘at the bar' realness.

Jacobs seemed quite heated as he talked to Ak and Barak at T-Mobile.

Jacobs seemed quite heated as he talked to Ak and Barak at T-Mobile.


“Canelo and Jacobs seems personal on the same level as Anthony Joshua and “Big Baby” Miller. That's really bad.”

So, Canelo Vs Jacobs and The Blueprint. Team Alvarez heard Jacobs say he provided “the blueprint” for Canelo's win over Golovkin. Even though he lost to Triple G. Even though he thought GGG won both fights against Canelo. Even though I can't understand how Canelo benefitted from this. 🤔

They see a defect in the psychosis of Jacobs in the area of emotion, and in so giving way to it, will give their man Canelo an opportunity to flatten Jacobs like so many cans of open soda. Team Alvarez has made Jacobs wait for everything, needling a lack of patience they believe will lead to a concussive mistake– the kind that lasts for at least ten seconds of the “Wtf just happened?” variety. 

The thing is, Andre Rozier and Daniel Jacobs believe the same thing; coming to this desert paradise with the animosity of a rebuilt Notorious B.I.G, this camp isn't fucking around– like, At All. We'll probably see an even more spirited version of his covert war with Sergey Derevyanchenko, an underrated one for the vaults and a cult classic. But because Canelo is gifted where Derevyanchenko is average, that's the difference in a fight (and I never thought I'd say this) that looks a whole lot like Julio Cesar Chavez Vs Meldrick Taylor I.

What Canelo said about Jacob's mother, which doused 🔥 on a situation that was already lava, can't even be repeated by me… And I'll say anything. But I ain't fuckin goin there.

Here's how it happened.

The psychological warfare began with sound on sight. An angry Jay-Z track blared all over T-Mobile Arena, as aggressive pink pyramids that looked more like diamonds painted both corners of the ceiling amid flashing bulbs. I'm looking around, and there's more Mexican fans and international media jammed in here than I remember on hand to watch Vasyl Lomachenko Vs Jose Pedraza inside Hulu Theater in New York City last December. Daniel Jacobs was as authentic irate, as Jigga was audible enough to augment his distaste for 2nd place. He at least hit a single with the near stage riot his wounded pride played a part in, but I'm not sure if he won round one.

Nostalgia matters. We used to have this matinee movie theatre on 50th and 8th, where you could catch a flick that had been out awhile for $4 bucks. One day– and this was like summer 2000; Jay-Z was outside waiting for someone in a light blue Bentley. There's a light rain and the day is nondescript. Like a bullshit Tuesday. I stared at him. And he knew it. This is my idol, and he doesn't know. What I wanna know is who he's waiting for and if I know her. Turns out she's “nobody”. That's great. Looks like she's single and watched that movie by herself, which means she's strong. By even going to a $4 movie theater and being picked up by a star… well, that means she's balanced. That is, until she meets the opposite end of the spectrum from the guy rapping at the top of this article. He knew enough to know that a “somebody” needs a nobody in their life to stay somebody.

Canelo and Jacobs are gods serving two different masters. Feet dangling from the clouds' rafters on top of the mountain they sit on, one of them is going to fall from there and fall flat on their back. For the rest of his life, he'll now stare up at this defining moment with grace; while the winner will look down with a pride seasoned by humility. But they'll both win, because they'll walk away from this as better men.


A man of immense pride, with an almost obsessed pursuit of the process that is greatness, tonight in glamorous Las Vegas, Canelo Alvarez will storm into history with the spirit of a vintage Julio Cesar Chavez and corral a courageous Daniel Jacobs, who'll remind you of nothing but Meldrick Taylor, before being stopped by this generation's Juan Manuel Marquez in an absolute thriller. Delivering the 2019 Fight of The Year, Canelo Alvarez, before an electrified and partisan crowd of Mexican fervor, will burst every bomb in his arsenal before delivering a captivating 11th round TKO over Daniel Jacobs on this Cinco de Mayo. He just might become Santa Anna reborn.


This concludes my writing of “The Fist Club” and the adventures of Gatman in Gotham, in what has been a magical ride for me with NY and I have truly appreciated all your support. Even the negative ones. Thanks T@z. You all have been such a positive, motivating force within my life. And if you'd like to help me finish this journey, that'd be great.

Be blessed. And enjoy the fucking fight. 😁


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