Canelo V GGG 2: First Take



Canelo V GGG 2: First Take

No, this isn't an ESPN take involving an Oreo dipped in an embellished glass of casual fan milk. Or, the perspective of an entitled elite mouthpiece that would break his hand on a speed bag.

The gloves have to come off for this.

As a fan, I'm still excited for Canelo Alvarez V Gennady Golovkin 2. When Oscar De La Hoya took to Twitter and chided GGG for part of the day…

…before making the announcement, I stepped away from fandom and thought about this like a “bizniss, man” in full old-school Jay-Z regalia. We have a 36 year-old middleweight champion and an all-time great in Triple G, getting ready to rematch a 27 year-old all-time great in his absolute prime in Canelo, who knows he fought the wrong fight the first time around. Throw in a steak from his favorite chef that gets a Triple F from an international press by seeming design, and it gives new meaning to “We don't fuck around in Mexico.”

This fight will NOT go the distance. Adelaide Byrd watching be damned, she won't be needed.

I did a podcast recently on Doc Stanley Sports Talk Radio and disagreed with someone on the panel about Golovkin deserving a 50/50 deal with Canelo and told him why. They did fight to a draw that Golovkin should have won, but it didn't make him more popular than Alvarez, as we'll all know in September to the chagrin of poltical interests. In fact, it made him older. 

It makes sense that a scandal in connection with Alvarez, one all of a sudden forgotten, could be used to not only diminish him mentally– but used as a ploy to diminish his earning power while increasing Golovkin's. This, is what you call a “Conspiracy Theory” which is a thesis designed to search for truth out of lies. Make no mistake about it, someone was lying in the run-up to the Cinco De Mayo rematch that wasn't; if only for the result to have true consequence. In the case of these two, who have you known longer? Who is more likely to be superficial? Which man does Donald Trump support and what country does he want to put a wall in front of?

All of these new found negotiating powers of Golovkin are suspicious, on the heels of his connection to a White House full of little white lies. Don't think for one minute that politics does not invade boxing because it always has. Trump is as connected to boxing now as he was with the career of “Iron” Mike Tyson in the 1980's. 

Go back to Tyson V Spinks in Atlantic City and you're witnessing a Trump extravaganza. He is a very close friend of Don King, who just happened to present Team Golovkin with Vanes Martirosyan. Did we all see what happened when King presented Bermane Stiverne to Deontay Wilder again? Stiverne was given step aside money so that Wilder could face Luiz Ortiz, only to be given another fat check to be knocked on his fat ass, while fattening the popularity of Wilder to hype a big picture with Anthony Joshua. Do you see how this works? 

What I'm trying to tell you is that Canelo V GGG 2..

…has been perfectly maximized for September 2018 according to Business 101, and my maverick ass is crediting “The Donald” for this, in as much as Abel Sanchez deserves credit for buying his HOF fighter some much needed time. It's brilliant. 2017 was hell for Gennady Golovkin the athlete after swimming through 24 prime robbing rounds with Daniel Jacobs and Canelo. Beyond rest, he needed a tune-up to recharge his body and rebuild his confidence and Sanchez knew it. Will it be enough?


Listen, I don't know what Canelo has been guilty of in the past, but I do know that he will prosecute and convict Golovkin when they meet again in September. He's basically a Don King fighter named Julio Cesar Chavez heading into a rematch with an angry Oscar De La Hoya. How'd that work out? If that fight was stopped on cuts, then this fight will end with no “if ands or buts” about it.

Senior correspondent for NY Fights and author of upcoming book, "The Fist Club." Conscious indie recording artist "T@z" and humanist advocate for the Green Party.