Canelo Alvarez, 49-1, Is A Winner



Canelo Alvarez, 49-1, Is A Winner

I thought Canelo Alvarez was a loser and I was wrong.

There he was in Las Vegas last September inside of T-Mobile Arena, the stoic description of a crybaby without tears, in a way that would've made Johnson & Johnson marketing executives climb over an imaginary wall in front of Mexico. He didn't deserve a Draw. He had lost– and he knew it. And he wanted you to know that…you will know he won next time.

That is what winners do.

With an iconic label threatening to surpass those of rival predecessors Juan Manuel Marquez and Julio Cesar Chavez, the mask of Zorro seems ready to be donned, for apparently, the matinee idol has been putting something close to a Tornado in his system, while masquerading as arguably the world's best fighter.

Come to think of it, his cinnamon red sprinkled hair in concert with a black face, suggests a color combination that should leave false practitioners of faith in double take modes in front of the mirror with “Eyes Wide Shut”. Imagine, those on contrived moral grounds of high, using all of their power to convince the people of the plains that their God is tainted; a witch on the hunt full of Spanish lullabies.

As Michael Corleone once said, in perhaps the greatest line from The Godfather, “Senator, we're all part of the same hypocrisy.”


Today, like a Don with no need for a mask unlike the average politician, and fists capable of carving a “Z” into the face of Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (37-0-1, 34KOs) without the sweetener of artificial intelligence, Canelo Alvarez (actually 49-1-2, 34KOs) can get on Twitter, type @POTUS, and ask one very simple question: “Really?”

That's Donald Trump fumbling with a bottle of FIJI water in a way you'd be naive to think wasn't a statement of very profound political and corporate significance. That's also Donald Trump posing for pictures with Golovkin inside of Madison Square Garden in October 2015, before taking the most narcissistic presidential stroll through “Da Gahd'n” just ahead of Golovkin's Clenbuterol free wipeout of David Lemieux.

That's Donald Trump posing for pictures with Don King, a man who's never done anything except represent a geriatric boyscout while waving the American flag. Right? Oh wait… that's Donald Trump, posing for pictures with Floyd Mayweather, a man who indirectly accused Manny Pacquiao of consuming something called “A-side Meth” and any other foreign entity unknown to man, because he just knew he could beat him on any level playing field. Right? So maybe that's why Thomas Hauser, one of the greatest boxing journalists of all-time, had nothing better to do than prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the May 2015 version of Mayweather was the one with a penchant for PEDS. Because there's now historical perspective on what became an elaborate non-event for the wealthy that robbed the poor, let's not forget that event was promoted and pushed on scandal; the smearing of a man (Pacquiao) who'd never demonstrated anything but integrity. Oh, and by the way… Guess who has defended The Notorious (not you, Conor) ‘grab em by the pussy' man; one who coldly sends a certain group of people back to a place he wants to use taxpayer “Money” to build a wall in front of?

But I digress.

Let's venture to say that Canelo will be either challenged to a rematch by Floyd in Mexico, or that Mayweather will offer to fight Pacquiao again in the Philippines, before we ever see Donald Trump posing for pictures with Canelo Alvarez. Let's be clear: this White House hates Mexico and any dreamer, in a way that is beyond speculation once we take into consideration Don's affinity for “shithole” countries.

Beyond pictures, where is the actual proof that Canelo Alvarez has consumed anything other than the idea of beating the shit out of Gennady Golovkin this time? At the highest levels of sporting bureaucracy, the world's best fighters are nations under a God, not exactly indivisible, and without a notion of liberty and justice for all.

I choose to believe that Canelo Alvarez (like Golovkin) fights to liberate himself and his people in a way that is just. I'm supposed to trust a corrupted and duplicitous media that Alvarez is all of a sudden dirty in 2018? If you believe that, then you're not seeing his very obvious indictment of the meat industry, and how they may be tainting the flesh your children are devouring.

Boxing never used to be sold this way, for fear that it wouldn't be bought. So morally bereft of decency we've become, that we can actually know that some $120 million dollars has been allocated to “Russiagate” without a dime of it being spent on the pursuit of truth. In a nation that will now openly criminalize poverty from seats of demonized wealth, this can't sit too well with Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya as he stares at a sombrero. If we are all composites of what and where we came from, then where are we going with promotional integrity?

I don't think Canelo beat Golovkin last September, just as I'm sure he'll beat him definitively in May. Only losers want to be sure that they will win with a wink, for not only do I think he'll win, but Canelo should brutally stop GGG in fact. I think Abel Sanchez quietly believes the same. Whatever he was naturally on in September 2017, has everything to do with what Golovkin will not be on this time: the right side of time. On May 5, reverse psychology is likely to show up as perverse for those looking to script a desired climax through media theater. Before hitting the taco stand, Luke is going to level Darth Vader and tell him: “I… am your father.” 

Over the course of his entire career — win, lose, or “draw, “Canelo Alvarez has been a winner. Leave him the fuck alone.

Senior correspondent for NY Fights and author of upcoming book, "The Fist Club." Conscious indie recording artist "T@z" and humanist advocate for the Green Party.