Bow Down To Ebanie Bridges, Who Sort Of Lost Saturday



Bow Down To Ebanie Bridges, Who Sort Of Lost Saturday

She took a lot of shit leading in to this fight, and it ramped up during fight week. They wrecked her record, and they dismissed the possibility that Ebanie Bridges do what she promised she would, because, I don't know, maybe they were fixated on her chest, or blinded by the blonde hair, which made them doubt her.

But Ebanie Bridges (5-1, with 2 KOs) proved that she's no liar, when she gave real good against Shannon Courtenay on Saturday in London, on a Matchroom show, portions of which ran on DAZN in the States.

She lost, that's what BoxRec tells you, but only technically. I saw a 6-4 fight, in favor of the winner, the 27 year old Courtenay (now 7-1 with 3 KOs) , but Ebanie, age 34, who is a math teacher in her native Australia, showed that this is no mere side hustle con.

She moved her head and torso in this bantamweight title fight, kept her elbows in tight, kept her punches short, and worked through an almost fully closed left eye to go the distance. The scores were 97-94, 98-92, 98-92, and the two wide cards were not right.

Nope, not the worst cards I've seen. I think I will see some worse ones on Showtime and/or ESPN later tonight. But Ebanie Bridges had an excess of fun in the lead-up, and exploded the heads of purists, who screamed “farce,” deserves closer cards and maybe a draw, even.

Her aggression was persistent, and effective. I saw it 1-1 after two, and things looking even-Steven as the two minute rounds proceeded. A couple times Courtenay buzzed Bridges, from New South Wales, but the Aussie soldiered on. Most rounds, we saw Bridges get the better of the first minute, and the Brit Courtenay do better in the second minute.

What doubters didn't factor in was that Ebanie Bridges has ample fun with her brand, on social media, and is unafraid to parade her pectorals…but she's been in martial arts since she was a kid. Karate, kick-boxing, Muay Thai, this meant that she wasn't flustered when things got rugged at the Copper Box Saturday.

Ebanie Bridges had to deal with a plum on her left eye.

Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

Shame on us who engaged in contempt prior to investigation, and didn't even bother to look at Bridges' Wiki–she speaks five languages, according to the online encyclopedia.

Yep, she likes to show cleavage. It is what it is.

Ebanie Bridges relaxes poll-side.

Ebanie Bridges knows what gains attention, and, sadly, not often enough, it is the sensational, the non subtle. Character, integrity of character, just doesn't draw the compliments as it should. Also, visual appeal is a mega magnet and men, in particular, are predictable in what they are mesmerized by.

Bridges is bright, she gets it, she plays to it…but she does it with a wink, a nod, and behind some solid boxing fundamentals and plenty of guts.

Ebanie Bridges impressed in her April 10 loss to Shannon Courtenay

I saw that during a real fine fight, on the part of both combatants. I challenge anyone who was out on that limb, barking and dissing, to reach out, on social media, and tell Bridges that you were wrong, you judged the book by the cover.

Ebanie Bridges doesn't look anything near a typical “fighter,” but no debate allowed, she is, fully, a fighter.

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