The Best MMA Gloves For Amateurs And Pros: Updated List



The Best MMA Gloves For Amateurs And Pros: Updated List


There are so many MMA fighting gloves on the market today. Some promotions are under contracts with specific manufacturers, others let fighters choose their favorite model.

Finding the best MMA gloves could be a nightmare, as you have to consider many parameters. Are you looking for a training or competitive piece of equipment? Are you going to work on the mitts or do you intend to demolish heavy bags three times per week? NYFights provides you with a buying guide that fits your needs (all models available on Amazon).


Types Of MMA Gloves In The Market


You can’t build the roof of the house first, you must start from the bottom. You must understand the different types of MMA pieces of equipment that protect your hand from severe injuries. Overall, there are three types of gloves for mixed martial arts:

  • MMA training gloves – serve to improve your skills at your dojo, and offer more protection;
  • MMA competition gloves – depending on the promotion, gloves are thicker or thinner, but you can use some models for sparring too;
  • MMA gloves for the heavy bag – very thick gloves with loads of protection, made to protect your hands when you land the most powerful bombs.

We are going to analyze the most popular models in the market and get to know you with their positive and negative sides.




Venum is the official sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, so it speaks about the quality. This manufacturer offers some of the best models of the MMA sparring gloves for a reason. Here are the two main models.


Venum Challenger


It’s one of the best choices for those who’d like to spar or improve their cage control skills.


  • Made of faux leather and high-density foam for enhanced durability.
  • Three colors and three size options.
  • Reinforced layers of protection on thumbs and fingers.


  • Hook and loop system closure – you might need to stop sparring sessions to fix them.


Venum Undisputed 2.0

Venum Undisputed 2.0 is number one on the list of the UFC MMA gloves. It’s the best model from this manufacturer.


  • Professional-style glove made of genuine leather.
  • High-quality, durable model.
  • Top-notch levels of protection.
  • Made in three color designs.


  • Mid-to-high price range.


RDX Maya Hide


RDX Maya Hide is one of the best all-around MMA gloves in the market for all kinds of practitioners. Booth pros and amateurs can give this affordable model a shot – this glove retains its shape when you hit thanks to D-cut curved palm.


  • Durable model made of Maya Hide leather.
  • EZ hook & loop closure and enhanced padding.
  • 5 sizes and 4 colors available.


  • It might not be the best pick for the competition.


Hayabusa T3 LX Leather

Hayabusa T3 LX leather is a great pick for competition and clinch plus grappling workouts. If you have more money on your bill, this model is worth every penny.


  • Modern design.
  • Made of genuine Italian leather.
  • Good level of protection due to dual X closure, especially on the lateral side of the glove.
  • No shift design.
  • Excellent wrist support.


  • Very expensive.

Combat Sports MMA Gloves

If you’re thinking of MMA boxing gloves, the closest pair you can get is Combat Sports. This model is known for this padding and it will protect your fists during hard strikes and counters.


  • Excellent choice between colors and sizes.
  • Very comfortable model with 2” molded foam padding for additional protection.
  • Hook and loop closure.
  • The glove allows the full range of motion.
  • Good wrist support.
  • Five sizes and three designs.


  • Mid-to-high price range.
  • Kinda tricky for wrestling and transitions against the cage.


Sanabul Essential Hybrid MMA Sparring Gloves

Are you looking for a durable and affordable piece of training equipment for your everyday training routine? Sanabul’s got what you’re looking for unless you plan to give the heavy bag a beating!


  • Hand-locking system.
  • Excellent sparring glove.
  • Five designs and three sizes.
  • Good for grappling as it gives you modest dexterity.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Amateur fighters love Sanabul.


  • Not good for hard mitt strikes.


Of course, if you’re unhappy with the models we offered, you can always purchase a pair of custom MMA gloves. It will cost more money, but you’ll get satisfaction.


MMA Gloves Vs Boxing Gloves


NYFights is predominantly a boxing website, but our lovely fans this question a lot. So here’s the answer.

There are three main differences between these two models:

  • Fingers – MMA is done with open-palm gloves, fingers are free. Every single finger of yours is covered when boxing.
  • Padding – Boxing gloves are thicker and there is more padding on them. MMA gloves are thinner, slicker, and less padded.
  • Size – Traditional boxing models wrap around as much as half an Octagon warrior’s forearms, while the MMA model rarely covers more than the top of the wrist.

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