Ann Coulter Keeps Dumping On “Lazy and Incompetent” Donald Trump



Ann Coulter Keeps Dumping On “Lazy and Incompetent” Donald Trump

Ann Coulter is at it again, stirring the pot and serving up heaping helpings of rhetoric designed to taunt liberals, keep her relevant and in the news, and selling books.

The New York native joined Michael Isikoff, Yahoo News' chief investigative correspondent, and co-host Dan Klaidman, editor in chief of Yahoo News, on their podcast, “Skullduggery.”

Michael Isikoff of Yahoo co-hosts a podcast called "Skullduggery." He had Ann Coulter on the latest edition.

Coulter came to prominence in the 1990s by understanding that provocateurs could be well rewarded in this new media age, which rewards hot takes and trash-talking over potentially more substantive but gentler fare.

The person Geraldo Rivera described as a human “flame-thrower,” is now in her third decade of talking smack and selling content to people who enjoy her brand of acid tinged quippery. “Resistance Is Futile! How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind” is her latest book, out last year, but she has been front and center in the news cycles lately.

She's taken Trump to task, a switch from back in 2016, when her book “In Trump We Trust”  hit shelves and kindles.

On Thursday, Coulter told Skullduggery that “the President effed up, he kicked the can down the road for two years and he signed two spending bills with no funding for his central campaign promise (ie the wall),” so it was clear she wasn't in a make nice mode regarding Trump.

Coulter was referring to Trump's decision to “cave in” to the Dems regarding his demand for a massive stash of cash to build a border wall.

She continued, aiming the flames at another target: “Everything the media says about immigration is a lie.”

Then, back to Trump: “We put this lunatic in the White House for one reason,” she said, and Isikoff barely got a word in edgewise.

“YOU helped put this lunatic in the White House,” he counter-jabbed.

“There's no on again, off again relationship with Trump. I will defend him on the things he deserves defending on and I'll attack him when he doesn't keep his promises,” Coulter responded.

She labeled Trump “lazy and incompetent” when asked to define him, if he is a “fraud.”

The chutzpah-filled talker maintained that Trump is well within his right to build a wall, without getting signoff from other branches, and then took aim at the military industrial complex. No, Trump doesn't need to declare an emergency to build a wall, Coulter said, because “it's his job to defend America.”

Here's a bit of a play by play on the Trump-Coulter relationship…On December 20, 2018, it was reported that her jabs annoyed Trump to the point he unfollowed her on Twitter. On Jan. 27, Trump blasted Coulter in the Wall Street Journal: “I hear she’s become very hostile. Maybe I didn’t return her phone call or something.”

His takedown attempt came two days after Coulter Tweeted, “Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States” and on Jan. 25 she called him a liar for not making good on his wall building promises, on Bill Mahers' HBO show.

Maher has had Coulter on his shows for many moons; he refers to her as a "frenemy."

The 57 year old bomb-thrower referred to herself as a “very stupid girl” for being on board with Trump, who Maher labeled a “lying conman.”

This all seems to be a legit falling out: on Jan. 16, VICE news posted a chat with Coulter, in which she said she's “been advising the President…since election day.”

The podcast ep is tagged “The deplorables edition,” and features conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, now in the Robert Mueller cross-hairs, in the B guest slot.

On the podcast, Coulter sprayed the flames left and right. “I was completely wrong about Mitch McConnell having three brain cells he can rub together,” she said, reiterating that Trump gave Congress too much respect in seeking wall funding.

Isikoff went right at it, and asked Coulter about Trump calling her “hostile.” No big deal, she said and it's nobody's business, really, who Trump gets advice from. She also stated she knows that Trump, or someone on his behalf, still follows her Tweets.

So, will there be a wall? “It's do or die,” she said, repeating the belief that if the dumpy deal-maker from NY doesn't get the wall done, his stint is sunk. She believes he will look to make that wall, with or probably without Congress' approval. The hosts tried to press her on whether she'd support a primary challenge on Trump ahead of the 2020 horse race. She waffled.

Other topics beside Trump were trafficked in:

–Coulter said that she wants all persons who entered the country without permission ejected.

–She circled back to a media which doesn't dispense total truth when discussing immigration, specifically illegal immigration, and said that stats on how many persons are here in America from other nations without having applied and received permission.

–A few times, she took slaps at Jared Kushner, if you are keeping track of these things.

Coulter has authored 12 books; her debut, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton,” was released in 1998. She is among the top tier of those who make a living by getting under the skin of liberals, and her fanbase enjoys the periodic roasting of the ideals and platforms held and pushed by those on the left side of the political aisle. “I’m a Christian first and a mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don’t you ever forget it,” she said, on the record, tongue perhaps partly in cheek, in 2006.

Isikoff and Coulter seemingly go way back in their relationship. His 1999 book “Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter's Story” features Coulter as a source, and reveals that she, then part of Paula Jones' legal team, was the one who leaked the shape of President Clinton's penis to the media.

Ann Coulter leaked to media what Paula Jones had said about the shaping of President Clinton's penis.

Their rapport wasn't strained but the pod session wasn't all roses and perfume.

Isikoff took issue with how Coulter conjures some of her stances and his voice rose half a decibel, before she alleged that media underplays reports of horrific crimes committed by “illegal aliens.”

And all in all, provocation occurred, soundbites were fleshed, “news” was made and the beasts got fed.

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