Adelaida ‘La Cobra’ Ruiz Looks To Strike Thursday On DAZN



Adelaida ‘La Cobra’ Ruiz Looks To Strike Thursday On DAZN

Fresh off a busy weekend in boxing, we go right into another one, but this week it starts on Thursday as Golden Boy Promotions returns on DAZN with their “Fight Night” series. Usually, these shows are held at the Fantasy Springs in Indio, CA, but for this one, GBP heads to Central America, specifically Costa Rica. The main event features IBF minimum weight champion Yokasta Valle (25-2) facing WBO champion Thi Thu Nhi Nguyen (5-0) in a unification matchup, but as always, the card is rock solid.

One of the fighters featured on the undercard is Adelaida “La Cobra” Ruiz (11-0-1), who is signed to MarvNation and looks to impress all those in attendance. The thirty-three-year-old from Lynwood, CA, is looking to capture the interim title when she faces Sonia Osorio (15-7-2) on Thursday night.

Things weren't easy for Ruiz, to say the least, as growing up in Lynwood, CA, which is right next to Compton, things can be challenging. She comes from a big family of eleven brothers and sisters, with her father being the sole provider in the household. While Ruiz's father worked, the tall task was left to her mother to handle everything else at home. Ruiz reflected back on those times and told NYF, “My father worked from 4 a.m. to 3 p.m. He would then pick us up and go to the gym as a volunteer coach. He would also do side hustle construction jobs on the weekends.”

Ruiz continued, “I tell my mom and dad that I don't know how they did it with eleven kids, and we are all straight. Seeing gang members, drugs, and peer pressure was hard growing up. I wasn't a saint, but my dad and boxing had a lot of influence on the decisions I made.”

Ruiz pictured here with her Father. Photo Credit: Oswaldo Ruiz

That influence Ruiz mentioned started when she was twelve years old and lasted through the age of eighteen. When she was seventeen/eighteen, this thing called life became real as she was pregnant and was forced to stop doing the thing she loved the most, which was boxing.” I realized how tough it was now that I am a single mother of three kids. I give my parents so many props for raising us” said the super flyweight contender. Ruiz started back boxing ten years later which is a long time when you look at it but that was because she had two more kids (total of three) during that time away from boxing and needed to provide for her kids.

‘Providing' meant working a 9-5 job herself like her father did for many years to provide for those in the Ruiz household. During that time away from the sport, Ruiz stayed tuned in on what was occurring, which is something that jump-started her battery pack. Ruiz told NYF, “Seeing the women at the Olympics got to me a little, and I thought,' that could've, should've, and would've been me.' I had to set a goal. When my youngest turned five, there were no excuses; I was going back to the gym. It was hard. Ruiz continued, “When I started back after being away for ten years, I wanted to know if I still had it in me. Once I turned Pro, I did see that I had it in me and that there were still people that believed in me.”

After returning to boxing and turning Pro in 2017, Ruiz climbed her way up the rankings and is now one step closer to a shot at the world title. While most start their camps about eight weeks out, Ruiz and her team actually began on June 1st because they were preparing for a fight that was eventually postponed. “I've been training out of Century Boxing Gym out of South Central, L.A. They opened the doors for me, and I've been really comfortable here. I have the gym to myself when I get out of work,” said the L.A native.

Her opponent Osorio is no pushover and has been ten rounds with both Marlen Esparza and Seniesa Estrada, so Ruiz will undoubtedly be tested. One thing Ruiz has noticed about her opponent is that she tends to use her head more often than none. Ruiz said, “One thing we learned from her last fight and something she probably won't change is that she comes in a lot with her head. We are planning not to let her jump in with her head.”

Ruiz is looking to put on the type of performance that moves her up to the main event slot in the future. Photo Credit: Brandon Rivas

“La Cobra” is fighting in Costa Rica for the second time in her career. Although she is of Mexican descent, Ruiz felt the love of the people the last time she fought there, which was a few months ago. “The last fight I had was the first time there; everyone received me really well. People were trying to take pictures with me, so they showed me tons of love,” said Ruiz.

There is a lot of pressure for Ruiz to perform on Thursday night, and she welcomes it with a fun personality. Ruiz wants to set the expectation level for everyone tuning in and says, “Expect fireworks and an entertaining fight. They will be seeing a smart Cobra. I'm not aiming for the knockout, but I feel strong, so hopefully, that is coming. Ruiz continued, “I'm just ready for anyone that has a title at super flyweight. Let me borrow it (the world title). I'll give it back (laughs); I won't keep it as my goal is to be a world champion in different weight classes.”

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