Add These Names To The Mix For Manny’s Next



Add These Names To The Mix For Manny’s Next
Sean Gibbons is front and center on Team Pacquiao. The boxing lifer is a fierce protector of The Senator's legacy, and active on social media at times giving folks the what for if he thinks they diss the ace pugilist, who defies the belief that men aren't good at multi tasking.
Politics at a high level, boxing at an even higher plane…Manny is indeed a doer.
So, we were thinking along those lines, what does Pacman DO next, after impressing fight watchers with his in ring acumen versus younger gun Keith Thurman at MGM on Saturday.
Did you see this graphic put out on social by PBC on FOX?
Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 9.51.45 PM.png
Gibbons did…and I touched on that with the advisor.
Should any other names be added to that list, Sean?
“Danny Garcia, and Mikey Garcia,” Gibbons answered.
Freddie Roach told me a week before the Thurman bout that the Senate has another break later in the year and he could maybe fit another fight in. Hey, he is 40, and though his outing was an age defying feat, one would think it would to give respect to that ticking clock, and try to schedule something sooner rather than later.
Gibbons, no surprise, gave the fighting pol the highest of marks when asked to grade Manny's effort. “A plus plus plus plus,” he said, in actuality tacking 11 pluses to the top-tier grade. So, I'm thinking he's cool with Manny choosing to glove up next whenever that is…It didn't look like the hitter was on the precipice of jumping the shark, age-wise….
Readers, talk to me…who do YOU want to see Manny meet in center ring for his next outing?

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