7 Reasons Why People Love Conor McGregor



7 Reasons Why People Love Conor McGregor

While numerous faces in UFC hold titles, Conor McGregor has put the martial arts company on the map. The exciting thing about it is that he has been a two-time UFC title winner of the featherweight and lightweight divisions.

Conor McGregor has become an icon that everyone looks forward to watching. Thanks to the traffic he brought, he is getting a lot of attention, and you can imagine how many gamblers are wagering at2 on UFC games.

If you are wondering why Conor's wave of charisma has swept everyone, you are not alone. Here are the safest guesses we can make at the moment.

1. He's an Accomplished Fighter
This is obviously the reason we know him in the first place. But with thousands of MMA fighters available? Why him?

Well, Conor has managed to make a name as a fighter. However, the exciting part is that he is one of the very few MMA fighters that have made it to UFC. We love to see Conor knock people out, and some of us even hope that we could be like him. His knockout record is impressive and is something we love about him.

2. He Does Whatever He Wants
We love people that say whatever they want and when they want to. Maybe it is because we don't all have the boldness to do so.

If there is one thing Conor doesn't care about, it would be what people think. His smack talk is something to look forward to ahead of fights. He has also featured in drama and made a spectacle of himself several times.

While this may escalate to aggression which could be career-damaging, his outlook has only seemed to help him gain traction in his career. Fans tend to love personalities that give them a show even outside the ring or cage.

Many people fear judgment, which is why people idolize Conor: he doesn't care about judgment.

3. He Is Confident
If there is something that Conor has thoroughly made clear, it would be his confidence levels. You will be surprised at the discovery of how many writeups on the internet give tips on how you can match Conor's confidence levels.

It is safe to say that his confidence is his craft and has played a significant role in getting him where he is now. The same confidence will push him to soar to greater heights in the world of boxing and martial arts.

You can feel the confident vibrations from how he speaks, fights, talks, and even dresses. He knows he is confident and never forgets to mention it. This is probably something we would love to emulate, considering we already love it on him.

4. He Is Tough
Conor has taken on some tough fights, even with legends like Floyd Mayweather. He is a man that is ready to take up a challenge and fight to win. Being the tough guy he is, he takes up these challenges to learn and become a better fighter.

This is the kind of motivation people are looking for, and if Conor is giving it, what is there not to love about him?

Conor is willing to fight anyone, and this sets him apart from the regular fighters.

5. His Unpredictability
His air of unpredictability makes him irresistible to his fans. The funny part is that at some point, he predicted his unpredictability. There have been instances where he has knocked out his opponents in less than a minute. You can never know what Conor is up to.

He can set himself up for a fight on short notice and fight the least expected opponent. He could decide to retire as he did in 2016. While his unpredictability threatens to land him in trouble with the authorities, it is something the fans find most appealing about him.

He threw a trolley at a bus carrying other fighters. In a different instance, he was caught up in an altercation with rapper 50 Cent. While his bravado and confidence are giving him the fuel, he has managed to gather several enemies and even more fans in the process.

6. He Is Hardworking and Believes in Himself
Conor has the perfect attitude for success that people are trying to cultivate within themselves. He may be considered overly vocal and extremely confident, but all that seems to work in his favor. He speaks himself up to the extent that fans feel that winning is inevitable.

People love him because he is a walking testimony that staying positive works. Foot broke in half? Just another challenge to overcome.

7. His Fans
Most fans who look up to Conor envy him for his loyal fanbase. Conor has a fierce fanbase and could rank for the world's best fanbase. His fans have been seen bringing Las Vegas streets to a standstill to support his fight and celebrate.

The love has trickled down to his son; when Conor welcomed his son, his fans stormed to his son's new Instagram page and made the first 100,000 followers.

Conor has managed to put on a good show, earning him a fair share of fans and haters. He is not your regular fighter. He is synonymous with charisma and certainly not the kind of person that loves to stay low-key.