UPDATED SUNDAY AFTERNOON: 130 Lb Ace Tevin Farmer Shot in Philly Altercation



UPDATED SUNDAY AFTERNOON: 130 Lb Ace Tevin Farmer Shot in Philly Altercation

SUNDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Some good news, courtesy Tevin Farmer promoter Lou Dibella. “A bullet passed through area of Tevin's hand between thumb and index finger. No broken bones. Doesn't seem to be muscle or ligament damage, but he needs to see a specialist later in the week when swelling goes down.”

Good news also in this realm: “No charges against Tevin. He was injured trying to disarm a guy who is being charged with attempted murder. Initial prognosis is 7-8 week recovery. He was at a birthday party for his niece!”

And, it looks like Tevin's bro caught a break after getting shot in the face, he could have lost an eye but didn't…


Boxer Tevin Farmer, on the cusp of a title shot, was involved in an altercation Saturday afternoon, and got shot, and hit, on his right hand.

The 130 pound ace, promoted by Lou Dibella, was featured on a social media pic making the rounds last night.

Farmer shot, word trickled out, and it looked like he was on a hospital gurney and that his left arm was cuffed to the gurney.

Details have been sketchy.

But Dibella did manage to reach Tevin's mom, via phone.

The promoter told NYF that the mother informed him that Tevin and Tevin's bro both were shot, the brother in his face. The severity of that damage has not been made public.

Tevin was about to get dressed to come from Philly to NY, to watch bouts at Barclays Center. A beef occurred, and Tevin was present. He was in “peacemaker” mode, Dibella was told. The mother told the deal maker that authorities had left her residence after a Sunday visit and told her that her boys wouldn't be facing charges.

Farmer is ranked No 5 by the IBF and an eliminator fight to get a number one contender to meet champ Gervonta Davis was in the works. Dibella would like to touch base with Tevin himself, to get a first person check in. “He's a good kid,” Dibella told me, and not one who would typically be involved in a street beef. His phone is MIA, or out of commission and Dibella wants to hear from his pugilist-specialist ASAP.

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