Gervonta Davis Will Knock Out Ryan Garcia, Here’s Why



Gervonta Davis Will Knock Out Ryan Garcia, Here’s Why

Gervonta Davis is going to knock out Ryan Garcia.

Davis and Garcia will meet April 22 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

The 136-pound catchweight fight between the two stars is potentially the most lucrative one of the year. Baltimore's Davis (28-0, 26 KOs), a former 130-pound titleholder, is a heavy favorite to win the bout. He defeated Hector Luis Garcia on January 7 via ninth-round TKO to keep the Garcia matchup alive.

Although Davis has held a secondary 135-pound title for several years, he has not fought in a legitimate world title bout since October 31, 2020, when he knocked out Leo Santa Cruz to defend the WBA “Super” junior lightweight title. He is a two-time 130-pound titlist overall.

Gervonta Davis won his first title in 2017 with a seventh-round knockout of Jose Pedraza. However, his initial reign was short-lived as he was stripped of his IBF junior lightweight title after failing to make weight for a voluntary defense against Francisco Fonseca.

Ryan Garcia waiting for Gervonta Davis at the March 8, 2023 NYC press conference

Ryan Garcia slapped at the “character” and “integrity” of Gervonta Davis, for being two hours late for the NYC presser. Character aside, Gervonta has a big skills toolbox

Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) returned last year with wins over Emmanuel Tagoe and Javier Fortuna at 140 pounds. The 24-year-old Garcia had initially planned to come back down to 135 for the Fortuna fight. However, the latter requested for the bout to take place at the junior welterweight limit because Fortuna was having weight issues in training camp.

Garcia scored a career-best victory in 2021 when he scored a seventh-round TKO of former Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell. That turned out to be his only fight of the year following mental health struggles and injuries.

Media Workout Showed Flaws In Ryan

We have our intros out of the way. Like many of you, I watched the open workouts earlier this week. Let's just dig in like we're getting a four-egg omelet. We have a lot of pepper to digest here.

Garcia did not look at his best.

Some people reading this may automatically assume that I'm hating on Ryan, and that's not the case. I'm paid to speak about the thoughts that are taking place in my brain, and NYFights has given me the privilege to do so on their platform.

One of Garcia's nicknames is “The Flash” for his incredible hand speed. That was not on display at the open workout. He did not look strong to me.

Is training to make 136 taking too much out of Ryan Garcia?

Gervonta Davis is coming in at a weight where he feels solid and strong.

Garcia, on the other hand, looked gaunt from my perspective, especially in the lower back, which would indicate to me that the weight he's walking at right now isn't all muscle.

That's a serious concern given we're nearly a week away from the fight.

Much has been said about the 10-pound rehydration clause. It turns out this will be applied the morning of the fight.

With that said, if Garcia wants to rehydrate up to 155 pounds, he can do so without facing repercussions. It's possible we have put too much thought into the stipulations. Forget about what Garcia signed up for, he's in trouble next week.

Has Garcia been taking the Gervonta fight seriously?

According to a report from Steve Kim in late March, Garcia was only reporting to the Tengoose Boxing Gym, his home base in Van Nuys, California, for his sparring days.

At first glance, this is a bad look. Some may interpret this as Garcia is not training properly for the fight. The videos that have been released over the past week prove otherwise. Garcia is preparing for this fight. Whether he is preparing effectively for this fight is another question.

Again, this is what I see with my eyes. Two weeks ago, a video was released showing Garcia working on the mitts—in what appeared to be someone's basement—and there were some alarming mistakes. He was throwing wild punches and dipping low, dropping his hands, closing his eyes, and not setting up his feet. Garcia is extremely confident in his speed and his power, but if he enters the ring fighting like this, he won't make it to the sixth round, much less the fifth.

Gervonta is a very disciplined fighter, O’Hara sees him making Ryan pay for sloppiness

What is not talked about enough is Davis' skillset. Everyone knows he has power, but it's his ability to set guys up to give himself that opportunity to utilize that special talent. In this training camp, we've seen Gervonta Davis working the jab more, angles, and exhibiting good ring generalship.

Garcia, on the other hand, has a tendency to telegraph his punches and leave himself open to get countered. That's a recipe for disaster against Davis.

Gervonta Looking and Acting Right

When I look at Gervonta Davis, I see someone who is calm, composed, and fresh. As previously stated, he fought in January, so if there's any rust, it's very minimal.

Garcia looks like a guy who hasn't fought in nine months. He was supposed to have a tune-up against Mercito Gesta in January but decided that he didn't need it. I'm on the record stating that was a mistake, along with his own promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, of Golden Boy Promotions.

There are just too many variables that are going against Garcia here. For one, he's fighting Tank. Now you add the layoff coupled with what could potentially be a so-so training camp. But, he does have a mean left hook. If Tank Davis can avoid getting caught flush with that punch, I believe he'll take Ryan Garcia out by the fourth round.