Gervonta Davis Postfight: Gervonta v Ryan Garcia Will Be April 15, Maybe



Gervonta Davis Postfight: Gervonta v Ryan Garcia Will Be April 15, Maybe

Gervonta Davis postfight took queries from the press following his TKO win over Héctor Luis García at Capitol One Arena, in Washington, DC. Nah, he didn’t want excessive credit for the stoppage. “I’m feeling good, we went to the next, man, ready for Ryan Garcia.”

Is Ryan next, for real? “If it was up to me, Ryan is definitely next,” the winner stated. “We somewhat got everything going in the right direction, we’re just waiting for Ryan to accept on his side, and let’s get the job done!”

Asked about Ryan Garcia, and Jake Paul, who said he thinks Ryan will stop Gervonta, Gervonta Davis postfight responded: “Jake Paul is a clown and Ryan is a baby clown. Tell them to get ready, that’s what they do, they like to try to get fame off other peoples’ victories. There should be no more talking, it should be working.”

Is April 15 the day? “(Ryan) already said it, I be ready, no more talking, let’s sign on the dotted line.”

Gervonta Davis and Héctor Luis García fought on Jan. 7, 2023

Gervonta Davis postfight said he's all ready to fight Ryan Garcia next

The 135 pounder said naw, he didn’t really realize that he’d hurt Garcia THAT bad. He figured he’d come out in round nine and finish the deal…and then he saw that Garcia couldn’t continue.

No one brought up the TMZ fodder from last week, by the way.

The winner said that he didn’t think the fight was close as some did, until he pulled away, because Garcia mostly scored with jabs. The winner said he felt Garcia was looking to set him up, so he took his time. Coach Calvin Ford said he was mightily impressed at certain points, when Gervonta got some clever angles on the loser.

Gervonta Davis postfight didn’t take the bait on Devin Haney saying he beat up and booted Héctor Luis García. He saw jabs in the clip Haney showed, he said, and “he didn’t do what I did, damn sure didn’t do what I did. That guy he said he didn’t know where he was at. They sparred twice.”

As to his strategy, he said, “I had to figure him out, I really didn’t wanna throw shots and leave myself open, I feel he’s a technical fighter, so I didn’t wanna leave myself open,” he said, noting that because he’s light skinned he prefers not to get hit and marked up.


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