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How To Bet On Boxing in New York



How To Bet On Boxing in New York


One of the most common questions boxing fans ask is whether they can place bets on fights. When a big fight weekend happens, betting on the outcome or other details within in the bout can add a layer of excitement and fun to proceedings. In the United States, many people are confused about whether it is legal to bet on boxing. 

The simple answer is yes, boxing betting is legal and has been for many decades. However, the big caveat is only some states support regulated boxing betting. Despite that, the ability to bet at online sportsbooks means bettors from out of state can also place bets on fights. 

That means you can use a website to bet on big fights and other bouts. For example, you can get an bonus for an online sportsbook and use it to place bets on the outcomes of boxing matches. 

If you knew how to bet on boxing on Feb. 20, that would have made the Valdez-Berchelt fight that much more interesting.

Good sportsbooks will provide various lines of betting for upcoming boxing fights, while some will also provide in-action live bets. If you want, you can also choose to bet on multiple fights in a pool of bets (for example, a group of win predictions). 

As mentioned, many states still do not provide legal boxing betting, and even fewer allow online bets. After the removal of the PASPA law in 2018, states have started to create legislation for legal sports betting. While many are now allowing sports bets, few are providing online sports betting facilities. 

While this is a nascent market, expect the number of states allowing online sportsbooks to grow in the coming years. Still, there is nothing legally stopping patrons from betting on boxing matches from outside their state. 

Yes, individual states do have laws against sports betting, but these laws prevent betting companies from operating within state limits. The laws don’t specifically stop people from being able to bet on sportsbooks held outside the state. In other words, the state you live in does not prevent you from betting online on boxing matches, even if your state says sports betting is illegal. 

And don’t worry, you are not breaking the law by betting out of state. 

So, you are allowed to bet on boxing fights online, what’s next? Well, it’s time to start making wagers. One thing worth doing is shopping the lines. This basically means you shop around different sportsbooks to find the best betting action. For example, some books will have better odds than others, or some may have a wider selection of available bets. 

Live boxing betting is becoming increasingly popular. While traditional boxing betting involves making a pre-fight wager and prediction, live bets allow you to wager on the action as it unfolds. If you think one fighter is on course to win a bout, it may be worth placing a live bet. For the most part, live bets have limited odds and restrictions around the amount of money you can bet. This is to avoid people winning huge sums by correctly predicting an outcome based on the in-fight situation. 


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