Inoue vs Ishida Prediction: Another Inoue to Watch



Inoue vs Ishida Prediction: Another Inoue to Watch

While most of the boxing community is focused on the Alvarez vs Munguia fight card this weekend, our Inoue vs Ishida prediction should make it clear that this bout needs to be on everybody's radar, as well.

One of Japan's very best boxers is looking to defend his WBA world bantamweight title this weekend — and is being asked to defend it against his fellow countryman.

And this Takuma Inoue vs Sho Ishida prediction will give you a better of understanding about who will win this war.

Inoue vs Ishida Prediction: Will Takuma Take What's His?

Takuma Inoue Preview

While Takuma Inoue — a Japanese boxer with a 19-1 professional record, which includes 5 KO victories — may not compare to his brother Naoya in terms of pure power and ferocity in the ring, he still has an excellent skillset that sets him apart from most opponents.

In fact, because Takuma Inoue can't rely on his power, he has to use more tact during his fights — which should serve him well against Ishida this weekend.

Inoue has excellent footwork; which is best shown by the way he can close distance against his opponents. Inoue is always looking to step in and land a massive overhand right, which Jerwin Ancajas had no answer for in their most recent fight.

And our Inoue vs Ishida prediction is that Inoue will be able to find similar success with that punch this weekend. Because Ishida is older, and has lost some reaction time, we wouldn't be surprised to see Inoue land some big punches early on in this fight.

Sho Ishida Preview

Sho Ishida — a Japanese boxer with a 34-3 professional record, which includes 17 KO victories — has never been knocked out as a pro, and will likely keep that streak going this weekend.

Of course, Ishida won't be content just to not get knocked out. But there's also an opportunity for him to win this fight outright.

We expect Ishida to have a distinct power advantage in this fight. And our Takuma Inoue vs Sho Ishida prediction is that Ishida will have to rely on that advantage if he has any hope of winning this fight.

Since Inoue has a speed and technical advantage over him, the only real chance that Ishida has is by knocking Inoue out.

It will be a difficult task. But Ishida will surely be willing to take some risks in order to emerge from this fight at the Tokyo Dome victorious.

Our Takuma Inoue vs Sho Ishida Prediction: Inoue Dominates

Our official Inoue vs Ishida prediction is that Takuma Inoue will win this fight. 

While we haven't found any betting odds on the internet for the fight at this point in the week, you'll likely be able to find some by Sunday morning.

And when you do, we suggest taking a look at Inoue to win by decision.

Inoue is clearly the superior fighter, but lacks the power to put Ishida away. Which is why we also suggest taking this fight to go the distance. 

These Inoue brothers sure can box!

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