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Tanaka vs Bacasegua Prediction: Tanaka on His Way to Victory



Tanaka vs Bacasegua Prediction: Tanaka on His Way to Victory

This Saturday, fans of the WBO Super Flyweight are set to witness a riveting match in Japan, and it all starts with this Tanaka vs Bacasegua prediction. This highly anticipated bout could be an end-to-end affair as both fighters lock horns for the coveted title.

Although both of these boxes are skilled in their craft, Tanaka has the upper hand without a doubt. Bacasegua on the other hand, suffered four major defeats in the professional ring though he hasn’t suffered a loss in the last three years since then.

Regardless of that, both of the boxers included in this Kosei Tanaka vs Christian Bacasegua prediction are eager to go head to head against each other and show the world that they are capable of winning the WBO Super Flyweight title. So, who will emerge victorious and be seen as the number one boxer in this stacked weight class?

Kosei Tanaka vs Christian Bacasegua Prediction: WBO Super Flyweight Title Fight

Kosei Tanaka Preview

Kosei Tanaka, 28 years old, is a unique Japanese boxer who can be considered a special athlete. He is considered a special athlete because he holds a WBO title in all of the stacked weight classes beginning with the minimum. He conquered three categories back to back until he suffered a crushing defeat against Kazuto Ioka by knockout

This made him lose his undefeated status, but that served as motivation for him. After the defeat, he knocked back harder and delivered four back-to-back victories during which he again took the first title in the new weight class. 

Last May, Kosei Tanaka secured an amazing victory against Pablo Carillo in the 10th round at his home turf of Nagoya's Paloma Mizuho Arena. Tanaka leveraged his height advantage against Carillo and unleashed his trademark high-volume punching with a more measured approach, delivering a sharp jab and carefully controlled movement to dictate the range.

Carillo had already appeared visibly fatigued by the time he made it to the 10th round against Tanaka, which meant his punch output was dwindling. Ultimately, in the end, Carillo succumbed to Tanaka’s punches and gave in, taking the defeat in the round.

For this very reason, our Tanaka vs Bacasegua prediction is in favor of the Japanese fighter, because no matter what style he adopts, the victory will be snatched up by him.

Christian Bacasegua Preview

Our second boxer in this Tanaka vs Bacasegua prediction is Christian Bacasegua, who does not have much of an impressive record. At the age of 26, he had suffered four crushing defeats in the professional ring. However, it is important to note that he has not lost one single round in the last three years.

That being said, he had no serious opponents he had to go against either. From his victories in the past three years, he only managed to get the secondary WBO Latino title from all the belts. A lot of time has passed since these matches and now Bacasegua boasts fresher energy in the ring.

Most recently, Bacasegua secured a knockout victory over Eliud De los Santos in Mexico just last October boasting his ring experience. He is a fighter with an unwavering spirit, having faced down tough opponents in the past three years in the renowned Mexican club circuit. The lack of international experience in the ring, however, makes him the underdog in this fight without a doubt.

However, the Mexican’s ring experience is nothing compared to that of Tanaka. He is big, strong and durable, a formidable combination, but how effective will that be against Kosei Tanaka’s controlled hand movement and the raging crowd cheering for their hero?

Kosei Tanaka vs Christian Bacasegua prediction: Tanaka Might Be Too Tough to Beat

Our official verdict for this Tanaka vs Bacasegua prediction is that Kosei Tanaka will take the win by a landslide.

With the exception of one crushing defeat against Kazuto Ioka by knockout, Tanaka has proven time and time again just how much of an intimidating and skilled boxer he is. Even though he does not have the most impressive build, nobody can debate that his skills are lacking.

Yes, Bacasegua has the upper hand when it comes to his stature and durability, but he doesn’t have the world-level experience that the Japanese, Kosei Tanaka, three-division champion and hero of the audience has.

As for the betting odds for the Kosei Tanaka vs Christian Bacasegua prediction, they are entirely in favor of Tanaka at 1.20, suggesting a strong possibility of him securing victory and becoming the third Japanese boxer alongside Inoue and Ioka to hold titles in four weight divisions.

The chances of Rangel getting his hands raised by the referee is 4.50, and a draw is favored at 17.00. The method of result favors Tanaka winning by KO, TKO or DQ at 2.75. As for Tanaka winning by decision or technical decision, the odds are at 1.83. 

Christian Bacasegua promises to be a tricky and formidable opponent with his strong build, but overcoming Kosei Tanaka’s movement around the ring, hand speed, and fight IQ will be too much of a challenge for the fresher 26-year-old. Tanaka should absolutely claim the bragging rights with a TKO.

Bren Gray is our resident Kiwi, and has been writing about sports since he could first string words together. He first fell in love with boxing when David Tua took on Lennox Lewis in 2000, and hasn't looked back since.